Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Zeller Auction

I have no words for how my heart is feeling right now. I just read a blog post written by a total stranger, that was suggested to me. This poor family discovered they had black toxic mold throughout their whole house. They have lost three children, their house, their cars, every possession, every book, every picture ever taken, every piece of clothing, every shoe. They are all sick, the mother worst of all. They have piles of medical bills. I just read her story here: , and started to cry.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP THIS DESERVING FAMILY, THERE IS AN INSTAGRAM AUCTION TONIGHT! It starts at 6:30 - follow @thezellerauction to see all the gorgeous amazing items up for grabs.

It warms my heart knowing how huge the blogging world is and that so many amazing crafters offered up their goods to help the Zeller Family. By the time I saw the notice to donate goods, they were already filled up. Next time I will give. Tonight I will bid. I hope you will too.

If you want to skip the auction and just give, do that here:


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