Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This old house.

Yup. I went with the clever title. This house is old. It was build 1877. We knew right away that it was going to be a long road. But we saw the potential. I keep reminding myself about all that "said potential" when I'm feeling grumpy about how things are. At this moment….somewhat ugly. We have started doing small projects. I plan to share are adventures here…the good, bad, and the ugly. SO! Here are the official before pictures.

Here is our house. We do love it. There's a lot to love. Here's the thing. Pretty much as soon after we moved to Mass we started looking at towns. We had NO idea where we wanted to live. We explored, we checked out parks, playgrounds, schools, and shopping. I made Jay take me to each Town's Target, YMCA and library. Those are my places. Sometimes we would go to Panera and scope out other families to see if we "could see ourselves living here". We finally narrowed it down to two towns: Dartmouth and Holliston. Totally different and far apart. Dartmouth is near the ocean and had beaches and sailboats. It reminded us of Annapolis and we fell in love with this little farmhouse that was walking distance to a beach. We went to see it 5 times, we almost made an offer. But the schools weren't awesome, it was super far from Boston, long commute for Jay and besides the beach/water aspect we didn't really like that much else. So Holliston it was. House here move fast. The schools are AMAZING, #1 reason why we picked this town. Oh, and its only 26 miles from Boston. Jay can already hear the crowds gathering at Fenway. So the story goes…we saw the house. Weren't sure. Saw it again…then decided to go for it. There was another offer on the table, so it went back and forth for a bit…and we ended up paying a bit more than we originally thought, but in the end we are happy about our choice. And we are excited for this adventure, and what it will one day be.

Our home.

As soon as you walk in, there is a hallway and the staircase.

This is looking towards the front door.

Living Room

The front room is a sitting room. We are using it as our living room right now.

(note: we plan to take out the horrible tiles and wood stove and put in a fireplace with exposed brick)

Here is a view into the "living room" while standing in the dining room. Eventually when we do the addition, we will be adding on a family room so this front room will become a formal sitting room again.

Dining Room

This is a china "cabinet". That's what I am using it as for now. The frames are the original documents for the house.


This is my least favorite part of the house. Actually, let's be honest…I hate it. I complain about it every day. It is ugly and not functional. I can not WAIT to swing a sledge hammer in here.

Off the kitchen is a pantry/coldroom and a coat room. There is a door off the coat room that leads to the deck.

When we moved in, we moved the fridge into the main kitchen which made way more space in this pantry.

This is the other side of the kitchen. That little window on the wall used to be a passthrough into the china closet for food and drinks to go into the dining room back in the day.

This door leads to the basement. You can see that what lends to the kitchen having no counter space is the fact that in this one room there are four door and three large windows.


This room is tiny. The door hits the toilet, the sink looks like it belongs in a preschool classroom, and the "storage" is a joke.

Bedroom 1

This is Austin's room. I think he actually misses the flowers :)

Oh god…the flowers. Wallpaper, wallpaper, and more wallpaper. It took us a month to take it all down.

Bedroom 2

This is our room for now. It will become Paige's room once we do the addition.

You can see how small the closet is. Jay uses this one, I use Austin's, and Austin uses his dresser. It had to done.

Bedroom 3

This is currently Paige's room. This room barely gets any sun, which is why we decided it will become a master bathroom/walk-in closet when we do the addition. We will then add the master bedroom behind this so it wraps around and gets more sun.

The Deck

The Yard

We did make a sacrifice with the size of the yard. We really wanted something much bigger. But since we are right downtown, and can walk to both the playground and the lake which has trails, we were ok with it.

This is the door to the basement.

More little yard.

The Studio

Otherwise known as The Selling Point for Awbree.

This space needs a bathroom. Besides that it's pretty awesome. For now we have a little potty in the entrance way so we're all set.

This is the entrance way. There is a storage closet there in the back. For now it is being used as our storage since we don't have a garage. It will become a bathroom one day.

Here is the closet before it was filled.

So that's it. Those are the pictures I took during are last walk through before we did anything. I will be slowing showing the progress me make, first the small changes and then the big ones when they finally start. For now, I basically just hang up banners everywhere to make me happy. And tulips in vintage jars to make me smile.


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