Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Whatever Craft Weekend part 1

Last weekend I went to Kansas for the Whatever Craft Weekend.

Really there are no words for how AMAZING it was. But I will try.

It was the most inspiring, creative, relaxing, fun, JUST PLAIN AWESOME weekend…probably ever.

 I was totally in my element. I took A TON of pictures. I am going to do a few posts as to not overwhelm you with all the crafty goodness. You might get jealous. Actually…I know you will.

Whatever Craft Weekend takes place in Newton, Kansas. It is pretty much what you imagine a small town in the middle of America looking like. I stood in the middle of the downtown, turned around in a circle, and saw the whole town. But let me tell you, these small towns pack a punch. But more on the town next time.

Let's look at the pretty Craft House. Meg, the owner of the house and co-host of the weekend thought up this idea two years ago and has been infusing creativeness in every corner of this house since.

The Craft Room

When we got there Friday night, I ran around like a crazy person and took a crazy amount of pictures before the house got recked. I'm so glad I did! This was the main room where we did all of our projects. All those goodies you see on the table was the swag we got. The sponsors for Craft Weekend our very generous and much loved!

I loved the wood above the mantel. Everything in the house is repurposed, old, chippy, vintage, and cheerful. All the colors were spectacular. Everything made me happy.

There was a snack bar. I didn't get a good look at it until Saturday and then I was upset no one told me about the cookies. 

Buckets of fabric. One for each color of the rainbow. We were like kids who flock to a fallen piƱata. We ran, we searched, we gathered.

The Kitchen

This table. I'm obsessed. I now want to white wash my table, let the kids hit it with hammers, and paint all my chairs happy colors. My husband thinks I'm crazy. It's actually two long tables pushed together. Meg had them made from reclaimed barn wood. The legs are posts from a front porch and were that color when she found them.

Meg is an incredible photographer. The above photo of the paints is hers, as well as the cow print, and the gum ball print you will see in some other photos. I bought the cow print while in Kansas and I am so in love with it. I wish I bought a bigger one. You can find these prints and more in her shop.


This was the beginning of the yummy food that we had at the house. Meg's bestie Kimberlee cooks all the meals and she is FABULOUS. She is the co-host and they run the Craft Weekends together.

The Living Room

I don't think anyone even sat in this room the whole weekend. We all either were crafting, eating, or sleeping (which wasn't much).

This was a gift given to Meg and Kim from a guest. She cut the states out of fabric on a Silhouette. They are modpodged on a cork board which was spray painted white. I decided I need to try to make this. I think it's pretty fabulous. I don't have a cutting machine, so it might get tricky. I have to try it.

Meg has a little hallway off the living room/kitchen area that she uses as her office. There are all her prints. Love that aqua door.

The Upstairs 

I loved this frame so much I promptly came home and wrapped a frame in a vintage sheet. I hung it up today in the studio. That's her cow print. It's awesome.

That's another Meg print, the sunflower. I want that one. The one on the right is by Katie Daisy.

Striped floors! I always wonder how people keep white floors so clean. I think I might need to paint some of my floor. 

I stayed in this room. It was so bright and dreamy. The quilts were to die for.

Mason jar banner by Raising Up Rubies.

Ok, that's it for now. I'm off to bed to dream about returning to the Craft House again.



  1. Take me with you! Oh man, now I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight too. :)

  2. Beautiful photos Awbree! It's like I am still there. Can't wait to see the rest.