Sunday, March 9, 2014

Whatever Craft Weekend part 2

The Shopping

During each Whatever Craft Weekend, Meg and Kimberlee take all the ladies on a shopping trip on Saturday. First we woke up and could craft a little if we wanted to. Some people had to finish their aprons. I had finished mine the night before so I helped some of the girls in the morning. We all ate a super yummy breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls then we got dressed and headed out.

Our first stop was Bearly Makin-It Antiques  in Marion, Kansas. The store is quite deceiving. The town is quite deceiving. We drove on a back road for about 45 minutes. I didn't see one other car on this back road. 

I saw more windmills than I ever have before in my life.And tons of cows. And some cool barns. 


When we pulled into the town, it was a little strip of buildings along the main street. Bearly Makin-It was inviting us right in with a lovely display of globes in the window. 

We jumped out of the van and ran in. Everyone was laughing at me because I brought along my big LL Bean tote. I was so glad I thought to bring it because I was throwing stuff in. I get very excited when I shop good deals, I tend to push and be "that" shopper. I know it, so it's ok.



The shop had a little bit of everything. The prices were very reasonable. The quilts were the only items that were priced high. I wish I could have brought them all home with me. Sadly I picked only one and then preceded to stand at the counter for 20 minutes talking myself into buying it. My quilt was my big purchase. I knew I wanted one before I even got there. I picked a red and white one. It was marked $85. I talked the owner down to $70. A little better. Some of the quilts were priced $165-185. Insane. And remember they are vintage so many of them had stains and were literally falling apart. But still so beautiful.

Next we ran across the street to a thrift store. I found a few things there too. A few vintage sheets for $1, and a bunch of embroidery hoops for 25-40 cents. Crazy cheap.

Our last stop was what is affectionately called "The Barn". It is owned by the same owners as Bearly Makin-It and it was it's own kind of fabulous. One of the girls later said it reminded her of The Room of Requirement from Harry Potter and that totally describes it. Look at this pile of chairs.

It KILLED me to not look at the furniture. I was so wishing I had a huge truck.

I loved this vintage map chest. Would be awesome in my studio.

This is the outside section of The Barn. Every color of the rainbow…all junk.

Kim and I braved the freezing wind and snow in our faces for a quick picture. 

Love it! And thank God for her idea to bring hand warmer packs. BEST IDEA EVER!

After The Barn, we went to a little coffee shop for lunch. This was the town. Totally what I think of when I think of a small mid-west town. I would really like to go back to Kansas in the summer. I bet the fields of flowers are amazing.

Here is my haul. I found some great stuff! I was excited I found a crate that said Kansas.

After we all drooled over each others finds back at the house, we had an hour to spare before the days crafts began. We had passed another antique shop back in Newton, right around the block from the Craft House, so a bunch of us decided to go check it out. 

It was booth style, so everything was all mixed up. I found a few more things so it was worth it for me.

Super fantastic shopping day! I am already dreaming about driving out to Kansas one day and going to The Barn with a huge trailer :)


  1. Love your photos! I think it's funny that Bearly Makin-It is spelled different on their sign (Bearly Maken-it) vs. their website. I also like how the photo of the town has a cop car driving down the road, like there was something going on... oh right, Craft Weekenders were there.

    1. haha I know! I thought that was funny too. The single cop car strolling through town…probably LOOKING for trouble :)