Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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A Busytown Birthday
Since I was planning to go to Maryland for spring break I thought it would be nice to do one last birthday celebration in our old stomping grounds, and with all our best friends. IT WAS A BLAST.

I actually had the party in the town I grew up in. It was special for me because I grew up coming to this park. I went to parties here. I ran on this same grass. Call me crazy, but I got a little sentimental. The kids have birthdays only a month a part and they both adore Busytown, so it was the perfect theme. If you don't own any Richard Scary books, you should. Our favorite is Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. There is a little tiny Goldbug on every page hiding and Austin has been getting a kick out of finding him for over three years now. This book was the main inspiration for the party. 

I made the kids matching shirts. I make them a shirt for every birthday. I hoping to do this until age 10, and then make a quilt from all the numbers. One for each child. Then we will always remember the themes from each birthday. I ordered the Busytown fabric from an Etsy shop.

I had reserved the pavilion at the park. The wind was super strong and with the bright sun and the shadows my photos aren't that great. But you will get the idea.

I made the cupcakes myself. I used my favorite Chocolate Cake recipe along with Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting. The cupcake liners were purchased at Sur La Table. The Lowly Apple Car was purchased from Amazon.

Since we own a crazy amount of Busytown books, I decided to use them in the decor too. The favor bags were purchased from Michaels last year after Christmas. I used a bit of washi tape to secure them shut and a "thank you" stamp on some punched out kraft card stock was stapled on top. Inside each bag was a punching balloon, organic lollipop, and a small magnifying glass. The Busytown Mysteries show, which is a spin off from the original books, takes Huckle the Cat on a series of adventures around town in which he solves mysteries…so we needed magnifying glasses.

I found these placemats on clearance from Birthday Express. We had a bunch left over and my kids are still enjoying them. The hubs was making fun of my for having new crayons. I love new crayons. I got a giant box and dumped them into this glass canister I got from Wal-Mart.

More books. Plates, napkins and tablecloth all from Target. What would I do without Target. I could live there. Seriously.

On the menu was: strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, Trader Joes "pirate booty", TJ hummus and pita crackers, Monster Cookies, Chocolate Cupcakes, and marshmellows dipped in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. 

Vintage tarte tray was a Goodwill find and paper straws were found in the Target dollar aisle. 

I ordered an old copy of the Things that Go book from eBay for $4 and used it to make 2 banners and all the cupcake toppers. I just punched out circles, hot glued on toothpicks and then backed it with another punched circle from kraft card stock.

I hung one banner from the table (thank you staple gun!) and another from the pavilion.

Darn wind. I worked hard on that banner! Austin told me he loved it so it was worth it.

Austin was so excited to see all his old friends. They ran, they hid, they played pirates, and they all loved every minute of it. We lucked out and had a gorgeous day.

Pin the hat on Huckle was a success. I color copied the big Huckle from the Best First Book Ever, cut it out, along with Lowly, glued it on white poster board, and had it laminated at Staples. 

Besides Austin accidentally pushing Paige into the tree, fun was had by all. I think Austin peeked. What do you think?

He tries to be helpful. Really, he does.

There was lots of coloring. Towards the end of the party I think all the kiddos were getting worn out. They all just sat and colored. And grabbed another cupcake. 

My crazy sweet boy. For as rough and all boy he is, he is also the most loving little guy. 
Kisses for all the ladies! 

Jay's mom and stepdad came up for the party too. The kids were super excited to see them. They are both incredibly generous and so loving. We are very lucky to have them.

So very lucky.


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