Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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I thought I'd share a few peeks of our home. We are making changes…slowly. We both thought we would have the addition/renavation started by now, but since I am not working it's going to be a while before we start down that path. So, in the mean time, I am trying to make the best of the space we do have. It's been hard. I find myself complaining way too much. And then I feel guilty because I think of all the many families who are in worse conditions, or have no home at all. It's quite a humbling experience to go from an updated, modern, pretty house, to an old, small, sometimes ugly house.

Here are some peaks of the downstairs.


shelf: Crate and Barrel, frames: Ikea, Michaels

The small albums are from our trips to Cape Cod, the jar is sand and a shell from our honeymoon in Hawaii. The books are old bibles and travel books of my dads.

I decided since we use the Eric Carle books so much while drawing, they should all love together near the art table. You can also see I love to use wooden crates to hold toys.

Our farmhouse table, Jay made with plans from Ana White. I don't have a picture of the whole thing yet because all of our chairs are so mix-matched. 

plant and pot: Ikea, cake plate: Sur La Table

In the dining room, we have five doors. We do not have any wall space in this house. On the door leading into the kitchen, I attached a ribbon and lace to act as an art display. The kids really enjoy clipping projects here for everyone to see. Find more on this craft project HERE.

My favorite family photos ever done by my dear friend Liz Saucier. In an attempt to bring some color and fun into the dining room, I hung up my scrappy fabric banner I made at Whatever Craft Weekend.

frames: Ikea, curtains: white sheets

lamp: Ikea, table/chairs: antique shop

I LOVE this art cart I bought. I had dreams of it living in the studio, but then decided it was needed in the dining room to hold all the kids art supplies. It sits right next to their little table and has been the perfect solution for all the piles. It can be rolled around to the large table if needed, and the three "trays" fit a ton of stuff.

rolling cart: Ikea


frames: Michaels record frames, prints: Katie Daisy (I actually bought a calendar from amazon for $13 and then had 12 square prints…I'm smart like that), lamp shade: Target, embellished by me

So…when we moved into the house, we discovered that our couch and table wouldn't fit through the interior doors. After living with a folding table and two folding chairs for about 6 weeks, we decided to build a pallet couch since we already had the mattress. We just secured them together with some heavy duty hinges and put casters on the bottom to raise it up a bit. It good for now, but I'm looking forward to having an actual couch again one day.

cow print: Meg Duerksen, chevron pillows: made by me, blue pillows: Restoration Hardware, flower pillow: made by me from an Anthropology tote bag, chair: Crate and Barrel

I keep blocks in a crate, toy trucks in a crate, and all the trains/tracks in a crate.

blackout curtains: Pottery Barn Kids

I keep a big basket in the living room to hold our library books. It works extremely well to have them in one place. The kids know this is where they are kept and since they are "new" books the kids actually sit down and look through them unprompted. 

rocking chair: Antique store, repainted by me, basket: Bath & Body works display item (free)

We recently tore out our wood stove. We are in the process of hiring someone to return it to a working fireplace. So beneath the mantel is a huge mess. The mantel we brought with us from our house in Annapolis, which the previous owner had left there. It's one of our favorite items in our home.

wooden star: Antique store, blue Instagram frame: made by me, chalkboard: Antique store, large framed art print: the art canvas is from House of Belonging which I adhered with command strips to an Ikea frame

On the table beneath the mantel (we have to cover the hole from the wood stove for now) I keep all my recent scrapbook and Project Life albums. I love having them out and low so the kids are free to look through them whenever they want.

A little banner I made because we are 4.


When you walk into our home, the stairs are the first thing you see. I ripped out the carpet a few months ago and have yet to sand and repaint the steps. I need to get on that. This area is a little thrown together. It needs some paint, some light, and some more frames I think.

frame: Ikea, curtain: Target


The kitchen is the area in our home that I dislike the most. It needs a complete gut job, which will hopefully begin next year, fingers crossed. For now, I am trying to make it cheerful. You can see a strip of aqua tiles there that I painted because I couldn't stand to look at the floral tiles one more day.

art prints: Lemonade Makin Mama, Jones Design Company, "HI" banner: Jenntage, chalkboard: was mine as a little girl, chair: side of the road find

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