Friday, December 19, 2014

Project Life 2015

Ok. Confession. I'm not done my 2014 album yet and this will be the first year that I will be starting my 2015 album while still trying to finish my 2014 one. I know there are many Project Lifers out there that have this same problem and some that will never be "caught up". But I must confess that I have a hard time with it. I am proud of the fact that I have every year, month, and most days of our lives documented from the birth of Austin until now. I have 10 albums from the past 6 years.  The first 6 albums are filled with traditional layouts (3 for Austin, 1 for Paige, and 2 for general family life), and the last 4 albums are all Project Life, 2 albums per year for the past 2 years. Did you get all that? AND I WAS COMPLETELY UP TO DATE UNTIL SEPTEMBER. And then I signed up for two craft fairs and didn't touch my scrap desk in 3 months. Towards the end of November I did complete all my foundation pages for my December Daily album, so I was excited to be able to quickly fill that up with words and pictures right after the holidays.

But, back to my PL dilemma. I am scared about being so far behind. I haven't even uploaded my photos from the past four months. I AM SO BEHIND. I'm working on being ok with it.

Until that moment hits, I am making plans for 2015. My thoughts right now are:

  • continue documenting our life weekly
  • continue using a 12x12 album (I will be using this album this year)
  • continue using the Midnight Edition of Project Life that I purchased last year
  • continue using the monthly Studio Calico PL kits
  • continue using a mix of page protectors 

These next two weeks I will be ordering my albums (I always buy 2 at a time to ensure I have 2 that match for the year), stocking up on blank 3x4 journaling cards, ordering new pens, and setting up my filing system. For a quick refresher: I have a basket with 52 file folders beside my desk. I label each folder with the week number and date, for example: week 1 Jan. 1-4, week 2 Jan. 5-11, and so on. This allows me to quickly put school papers, art work, post its with funny things my kids say, printed photos, etc. right into the folders for each week until I get around to completing my layout. This has worked really well for me for the past two years so I am sticking with it. I also have a wire document basket in our kitchen where I place items to be filed in the folders when I make it to the studio. I ALWAYS date times right away before putting them into the basket. When I go to the studio, I take the basket and file the items.

SO those are my thoughts for now. I plan to get my 2015 intro page done soon and will post some photos for you. I'm so excited to start another year with this TRULY AWESOME project. If you still haven't tried Project Life, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!! Try it. You will be hooked. I promise you. And if you do happen to get behind, it really is ok. It's better to have some done than none.

Who's joining me in 2015?

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