Thursday, December 18, 2014

snow dough

After posting a pic on Instagram a few days ago, I have had many requests for our snow dough recipe. My faithful play dough recipe is the same one I posted here years ago. I just like to shake things up a bit and add in glitter. I'm nutty like that.


1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 cup water
1 T veg. oil
1 1/2 T cream of tartar
peppermint oil

**I would make one batch per child, and would recommend only cooking 2 batched at a time (double the recipe). If you do it too big you can't stir it.**

In a pot, mix the flour, salt and cream of tartar. Stir in the water and oil and cook on med-high heat until well blended. STIR IT CONSTANTLY. Once the play dough begins to stiffen and forms a slight crust on the bottom and edges, its done. Remove from the heat, form it into a ball, and knead it with some flour until it cools slightly and is no longer sticky. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH FLOUR.

Last, punch a hole in the center, pour 10-20 drops of peppermint oil (use as much as you want) and continue to knead to work in the oil. Repeat the hole punch in center, pour in a pile of glitter and knead until all mixed in.

Store snow dough in an air tight container or ziplock bag. It will last for months if you are good about putting it away once the kids are done playing with it.

I set up bowls of buttons, nuts + bolts, wooden sticks, and google eyes, and the kids made snowmen for hours! The next day I gave them mini muffin tins, mini loaf pans, and a bowl of candles, and they made cake and cupcakes for hours! Seriously…best winter activity. And the peppermint smells good, so you don't have to clean the house :)

I even made a few batches and we delivered them to the neighbors along with some cookies for Christmas. It makes an awesome gift.

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