Sunday, February 8, 2015

so, you have 1,327 pictures on your phone…now what?

Photo Options

Persnickety Printsyesest $4-60.850.850.240.490.290.791.991.99must log in 1x
www.persnicketyprints.comevery 6 months
mpixyes10 day - 3.95 nonono0. info found
www.mpix.com5 day - 7.95
WalmartAndroid only.89 first picnononono0.090.582.84noyears each pic after
Postal Pixyes2.50 on agrid of 9 2x2'snono0.290.29not goodnot goodnono storage
no website (app order only)$10 order2.49 = .27 each
Project Life Appyes5.00 flat rateyesyesyesyes0.29nono1.99stores by date

* NOTE that with the Project Life app, photos come in a grid. For example, you can made a 4x6 grid with 1 4x4 and 2 2x2 photos, save and order. With the 12x12 option, you can again make multiple prints on one grid, or use digital PL cards (within the app) to create a layout.

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