Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lego Party

Austin's 6th Birthday // Lego Party

For my awesome son who is so completely and utterly obsessed with Lego's, there was no question that this year we would have a Lego party for his friends. We decided to only invite four friends this year, and we lucked out that all four could attend. Austin does much better with small numbers. We also had parents drop off their child. I have to tell you that I was nervous about this. Two hours with six kids...oh my. And I'll be honest and say that the first 15 minutes were awful. Jay looked at me and said, "Really...two hours??!!" But after the boys settled and started building, it was great. 

We have two systems for organizing Austin's Lego's. We keep the majority of them in bins by color. He also have two larger bins in his room: one for all random pieces/colors he can throw in at clean up time until they can be resorted, and one for holding zip lock bags of new kits. We try to keep kits together as long as possible. For the party, we only used the color bins. I didn't let the kids play with any of his new kits he got for his birthday or any kit that was still "in tact". I covered the table with brown paper from the Dollar Store, lined up the bins down the center, and called it done. I did put them in rainbow order :)

I've had a stack of paper crowns left over from a playdate sitting in the studio for over a year. I decided to add a Lego figure onto each with a staple.

I also has some Lego figure coloring pages out at the little table. 

Once things settle and everyone got over the excitement, the kids all ate a bit of lunch. Super simple food this year too (remember my word this year...SIMPLIFY). I made PB&J, popcorn, strawberries & blueberries, and chocolate cupcakes. Water was served in little mason jars.

The banner is made from Project Life cards, specifically cards from the Midnight Edition. I attached a Lego figure (shrunk, printed, and cut out) to each and then sewed the cards together. 

Each guest took home a Lego mini kit. I scored at Target and found four matching kits in the clearance section for $4 each. Another perk of having a small number of guests...good favors.

I made Austin's shirt. I make the kids a shirt each year for their birthdays. I am saving all the numbers and hope to make them each a quilt one day after they out grown the shirt tradition. I used the same little Lego guy as a stencil for the applique. 

The boys all seemed to have a really good time. It was so funny hearing them all talk about what they were building, and what the Lego people were doing.

When they got bored of building, we played Lego Bingo. Seriously...BEST IDEA EVER. They played for a good 30 minutes and my kids have been playing this at home ever since.

Next, we played Lego Hunt. I had hidden 12 yellow Legos earlier that day. The kids had to work together to find them all. This was so fun. The boys were yelling and counting and racing to find them all. 

After the Lego Hunt, we did cupcakes. Always a crowd pleaser.

The last activity was Lego Towers. Each kid had to build a tower and see who could build the tallest one before it fell over. Again, the boys got really into this one. The all started building separately, but then when they realized they needed stronger bases, they started to combine towers and work together. So fun.

It was such a fun party. Now on to plan Paige's which is in a few weeks. It's a good thing planning parties makes me happy!


To see our Lego Invitations, read HERE.

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