Sunday, March 1, 2015

Right now...

 Right now I am wishing I was somewhere tropical like two of my friends. I will admit that I am very jealous.

Right now I am loading myself and my kids with Thieves during the day and Eucalyptus
at night.

Right now I am in serious planning mode for the Make It Happenings Retreat.

Right now I'm watching American Idol (I still love this show), Friends (it's on Netflix and I started from the beginning and I love it even more this time and I laugh out loud and it's wonderful) and Nashville (for my love of everything a little bit country).

Right now I am eating a cupcake that I just baked for Austin's birthday tomorrow...I am still in shock that he is turning 6.

Right now I am puppy sitting for said tropical friend and I am reminded why I don't have more children and why I will never have more children.

Right now I am reading The Artful Parent, TinkerLab, and Art Lab for Kids

Right now my kids are enjoying 20 Ways to Draw a Tree & 365 Things to Draw and Paint and LOVING them. They are actually drawing more, if you can believe it.

Right now I am beyond thankful for an awesome friend who gave me a Pottery Barn kids art table. It has been a blessing in this tiny, art filled house for my kids to have a space to be messy and for me to use for my new art classes.

Right now I have been telling myself every day, numerous times, I really need to start working out and I really need to stop eating sugar. I need motivation. I'm thinking of buying myself a new bathing suit and hanging it on the fridge.

Right now I am watching snow fall outside my window and willing it to stop.

Right now I am researching for our first family camping trip this summer. We are doing it tent style at the Cape this year. I am excited for the adventure and super scared it will rain the whole week.


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