Thursday, March 5, 2015

Things I'm loving // summer

I am SO READY for summer. At this point I would even settle for Spring. But summer is my favorite. We have a bunch of fun trips planned for this summer: I'll be in Maryland for a week visiting family and friends, Bethany Beach for a week, Cape Cod for 5 days, Maine for 4 days, and New Hampshire at the Lake for a weekend. It's jam packed and I CAN NOT WAIT. In anticipation for the warm weather, I've been doing a little shopping and wish list making. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

I just ordered 2 pairs of these shorts for Austin and I was very impressed with the style and feel of the fabric. So much nicer in person than what they looked like on line. Big thumbs up!

Still loving Keens for the kids. They are awesome for hiking because they are study and keep the whole foot safe, and they can get wet.

My favorite summer shoes for Paige are Saltwaters. They wear well, look good with everything, can be worn in the water and no blisters! I buy mine at Nordstrom because they tend to run big and I don't want to chance buying them online. I'm actually thinking of getting a pair for myself this year.

I've had this skirt for Paige the past two summers and just adore it. Boden groups sizes so most things can be worn for two years.

I am obsessed with this purse. I know I have a polka problem, but come's adorable. The price...not so much. But I can dream.

I am loving this swimsuit. I like the color and I like the gathers. Me + gathers = happy tummy. I actually have almost this same suit in red, but I think I need a new color this year.

ok, I could go on on for days...but I'll stop there.


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