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Project Life 2015 // weeks 10-13

Project Life 2015 // weeks 10-13

week 10

Austin's birthday week. Lot's of pictures. I ended up using 4 full pages for this week. Small pictures were printed here at home on my Pixma and the 4x6 photos were printed from Walmart (I am a HUGE fan of Walmart's quality and cheap prices for photos. I usually order all my 4x6 & 5x7 from them. I ONLY order from the processing lab though, having them mailed to me directly. DO NOT do the 1 hour, totally different quality.)

For the left side, I told the story about his birthday. 

Design A // 4x6 white cards, 3x4 white cards, Sunshine Edition, Kellie Stamps

I'm really embracing the white space this year and I am so loving it. I think I'm cleaning Becky out of all the 3x4 white cards. I can't go a week without them! My go-to PL product for sure.

For the right side (and the back of this page) I told the story of his birthday party. I made both of the kids party invitations from PL cards this year and it might have been the best idea ever. Not only were they super cute and easy to make, but they slip right into my page when I'm ready to document! For both sides, I let the photos tell the story. I did add just a bit of journaling onto some white cardstock and cut it down to 4x4. Wood accent is from Studio Calico.

Design Q // white cardstock (party invite how-to HERE)

For the back side, again all mostly photos. I just stamped the middle 4x4 card with "GOOD TIMES", a stamp by Kellie Stamps.

To continue with week 10, I rounded out the 4 page spread with the everyday photos from the week. I also told a bit about my being selected to be on the Kellie Stamps design team. Stamping directly on my photos is another one of my go-to moves. I use Stazon Ink in black.

Design A // 4x6 white cards, 3x4 white cards, Sunshine Edition, Kellie Stamps.

week 11

I didn't have alot of photos for this week, but luckily the kids had plenty of art for me to use. I added an 8 1/2 x 11 page protector for this week to add in this drawing by Paige.

This page tells a story about finding the kids reading. We were having a no TV weekend and it was surprisingly awesome. I found the kids twice quietly reading, once Austin was "reading" to Paige. For the journaling, I typed it on a bit of white cardstock and then adhered it directly on top of the painting. For the numbers Austin wrote, I had a bit of extra space on the side, so I backed the paper with 2 plain 4x6 index cards and then typed my journaling on that. If you are new here and curious about my week cards, I just print large numbers onto white cardstock, but them out, and adhere them to my card of choice. I started out the year using PL cards, but now I am using either art work or 4x6 white cards. I actually think I'm going to go back the start of this year and change them all to white cards. I just like the clean look better.

Design A // white cardstock, 4x6 index cards, Kellie Stamps

I use a small letter sticker on every drawing or art piece made by the kids to identify who made it. 

For the rainbow, I cut it out (it was on a giant piece of really thin, not awesome paper), placed two blank index cards side by side, adhered the rainbow on top, cut it where the cards separated, and trimmed the bottom. 

Design A // 3x4 white cards, 4x6 index cards, Kiwi Edition, Kellie Stamps

Totally loving the honestly on this page. And the stamps by Kellie were a perfect fit. "Today just sucked" was awesome for my story about the dog eating 1/2 a container of cocoa powder and then peeing on the couch. Yup..real life folks...all documented in my Project Life.

weeks 12 & 13

Another first for me this year is focusing on only a few colors. In the past my weeks have been a mix of everything, from everywhere. Sometimes they "matched", sometimes they didn't. This year, I find myself trying to stick to two colors, plus black and white. I like the challenge and I love the results. I didn't have enough photos or art for either week to do a full spread, so I combined them.

This page is all about how art is a huge part of our days. My kids color for hours each day. No I'm not exaggerating, literally hours. Some days way more than others, depending on our plans, but still...they draw, create, make, etc EVERYDAY.

Design A // 3x4 white cards, 4x6 index cards, Kiwi Edition, Kellie Stamps

This side was more randomness of our week. A visit with best friends, carrot cake pancakes, and family naps...all good stuff.

Design F // 3x4 white cards, 4x6 white cards, Kiwi Edition, Sunshine Edition, Gold Foil Value Kit, Kellie Stamps

That's all folks! I'm off to start packing up for the Make It Retreat next weekend!!!


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