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Project Life 2015 // weeks 14-16

 Project Life 2015 // weeks 14-16

week 14

We were in Maryland for this week, Easter week, and I had a ton of photos so I included an insert shown here. 

LEFT - design F, 4x6 white cards, 3x4 white cards, Midnight Edition, Kellie Stamps, Gold Thickers
RIGHT - design A, Midnight Edition
INSERT - design A cut in half, 3x4 white cards, 4x6 index card used behind art work

Black circle in punched from a Studio Calico paper pad and adhered onto a 3x4 white card. Chipboard words are also Studio Calico.

Still LOVING lots of white space in my layouts. I do find that I like my spreads so much more when they are simple and are heavy on the white space. There are weeks that I don't like as much, on a creative basis, but I am ok with those weeks because I am still telling our story. I have to remind myself sometimes that even though this is an artistic outlet for me, the main reason I do Project Life is to document our lives.

week 14 insert

Some asked my on IG the other day whether I scan or take photos of the kids artwork. I don't. I have a basket in my studio for the larger art pieces or ones that I don't want to cut or use in my PL album. I save these for either display in our home or sending to grandparents. Most of the kids art that is save-worthy I use in my album. I just cut it and more often than not, adhere the art to a blank index card, as I did with both of the art pieces shown here. Sometimes I do have a larger work of art that I do not want to cut, and then I will use a separate page protector as an insert.

Both stamps shown here are Kellie Stamps, and again I use black StazOn ink.

week 15

This week was Paige's birthday party, so the entire spread is basically about her celebration.

LEFT - design A, 4x6 white cards, Kiwi Edition, Seafoam Edition, Kellie Stamps

RIGHT - design A, 3x4 white cards, 4x6 white cards, Kellie Stamps (for invitation: 4x6 white card, an Olive Edition card with a butterfly stamped on, stamp from Paper Source)

week 16

This week, Monday was Paige's actual birthday, so the whole left side is about her special day.

LEFT - design A, Kiwi Edition, 3x4 white cards, 4x6 white cards, Gold Thickers, Kellie Stamps
RIGHT - design A, 4x6 index cards for behind art work, Gold Thickers

YAY for Project Life Pens writing so AWESOME right on my photos!

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