Monday, June 1, 2015

Day in the Life 2015 // the photos

Day in the Life 2015 // the photos

On May 12th I joined Ali Edwards, along with many other Project Lifers, in documenting the nitty gritty of my day.

Here is how I captured in one day in our life right now:

That's it! I didn't take any photos of what Jay and I do at night. I should have. Our routine is boring, so I honestly just didn't think of it. We usually watch TV, eat some chocolate, read a bit upstairs, and then go to sleep. Next time, I want to remember to capture some of those moments.

I have no idea what my plan is for these photos yet. I may make a mini album like I did last year (which by the way I JUST finished this past year later) or if I will include these in my Project Life album. No clue. I'll let you know what I decide.

 Day in the Life is a project started by Ali Edwards, and this is the second year that I have done it. Check out Ali's blog for more information & inspiration. It's an awesome project to really see what your day is like. It's challenging to remember to take pictures all day, but it's fun because since I committed to carrying my DSLR with me all day, I was able to capture many little moments that I would otherwise look at as "not photo-worthy". But seeing them through my lens changes that. I need to challenge myself more with my big camera. I want to learn how to use it better, and I can't do that when it sits on top of the fridge. Ha! I really want to try Week in the Life, which is the idea but A WHOLE WEEK. It scares me but I think the outcome would be amazing. Maybe this summer I'll try it. For more on that project, check out Ali's post on Week in the Life.

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