Monday, June 22, 2015

Project Life 2015 // weeks 17-19

Project Life 2015 // weeks 17-19

week 17

I was surprised when I realized I only had two photos for this week. I held art classes all week since it was Spring Break, so I think the week just got away from me. 

You may have noticed a slight change on my week cards. I decided I was crazy for hand cutting each weekly number out by hand to adhere it onto another card. So I re-printed all my numbers for the year so far and just cut the card-stock down to 4x6. Glad I thought of this. I love it.

LEFT - design A, 3x4 white cards, Seafoam Edition, High Five Edition, Kellie Stamps, 4x6 white cards

Loving all the Kellie Stamps goodness!!! It has been such a treat to be on the Design Team for her for the past three months. I will miss working with all the new stamps each month, but I'm sure I'll still be snagging a few new sets here and there.

I decided to cut each of the kids Earth paintings in half and piece them together to make one big Earth. I then asked them each why they loved our planet and recorded their answers above the paintings.

RIGHT - design A, 4x6 white cards, Kellie Stamps

week 18

Our first Make It Happenings Retreat fell during this week, so I had a TON of photos.

I print all my 2x2 Instagram photos from Postal Pix as well. They come on a 6x6 grid and I just cut the photos apart.

LEFT - design A, 3x4 white cards, 4x6 white cards, High Five Edition, Kellie Stamps

I had this 8x8 Instagram photo printed of Kim & I and I just love it. I used Postal Pix, ordered it right from my phone. I am always impressed with their quality and this month, I had a few uploading issues and their costumer service was top notch.

INSERT - I used a 12x12 page protector, stitched around the photo, and cut off the extra bits.

RIGHT - Stampin Up page protector design #3, 4x6 white cards, Open Book Edition, Kellie Stamps, Gold Letters from Target

week 19

Mother's day fell on this week, so I decided to designate the left side for documenting our day spent together. For the right side, I made a photo grid showing off our full week.

LEFT - Stampin Up page protector design #3, 4x6 white cards (2 cut down to 4x4), 4x6 index card for behind artwork, Open Book Edition, Kellie Stamps, "cool" stamp by Ali Edwards, gold Thickers

RIGHT - design F, High Five Edition, 3x4 white cards, Kellie Stamps


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