Monday, September 21, 2015

15 things I'm loving lately

1. Trader Joe's almond butter....amazing. I eat it with apples, bananas, on a spoon, with honey. I like it all the ways.
2. Dixie Chicks Essential on Spotify. It makes chores way more fun.
3. Podcasts. I can't get enough. I listen to The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, Elise Gets Crafty, and Inspired to Action with Kat Lee. 
4. Lavender essential oil. I put it on my pillow every night.
5. Lisa Genova novels. I recently read all three and devoured them each in a few days. 
6. Cooler weather and riding our bikes to school in the morning. 
7. Having a MOPS group again. I missed this the past year. However it's not as relaxing when your running the group. 
Succulents. I have two that are still alive from last year and I love the little pop of green they add to our living space.
8. Playaway audio stories from the library. My kids are obsessed. 
9. Jars and trays filled with shells from our summer adventures. 
10. Still using my homemade deodorant and loving it.
11. Mountain Mama Cooks blender banana pancakes. So so good.
12. Beauty Counter sunscreen. It's smooth, smells divine, and it's safe.
13. Dr. Brommer's bar soap. I find it at TJ Maxx. We use it at the sinks for our hands and in the shower for our bodies. It's all natural, completely non-toxic, and they all smell heavenly.
14. Noonday Collection. My mom recently bought me a necklace from them and I wear it way too much. I love their mission, their designs, and their sales.
15. Having something to look forward to. We leave for Hawaii in 26 days and it can't come soon enough. 

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