Monday, November 23, 2015

15 things I'm THANKFUL for

1. My family, who supports me and cherishes me
2. Wonderful friends who love me and welcome me 
3. My kids..for reminding me the true beauty in life
4. A house to stay warm...even if there is paint peeling and walls crumbling. 
5. New snow boots...thank goodness
6. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, and gingerbread
7. The ability to get away, take vacations, recharge as a wife and mom, and know that my children are well cared for
8. Being a part of the Project Life Creative Team
9. MOPS...for the support, friendship, and prayer
10. Sweet potatoes in every possible way
11. Memories of my grandfather that will stay with me always
12. The reminder that my children are healthy and whole and oh so good
13. Wonderful teachers who see the value and worth in my children
14. Photographs...always thankful for photographs
15. My husband...for taking me as I am. For loving me every day and promising to love me no matter what. 

Happy Thanksgiving friends. Be thankful for your many blessings this week. 


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