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Despite that, many research projects rely 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first primary data, even when the research on specific phenomenon has already been 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first by another research team. In a small country like Serbia high costs for data collecting can be big obstacle for researchers, especially in social science.

For instance, in order to get personal opinions in some matter, social science researcher must provide sufficient number of questionnaires to obtain good statistical sample. That process requires time and money. The situation is particularly difficult if one takes into account the fact that Serbia in allocated In the meantime the situation has improved, so in Serbia has allocated million euro or 0. One way to improve the situation and facilitate the researchers is to create a national digital data archive which would store research data created in social sciences with a view to their reuse in the form of secondary data.

Arbor points out that archives and domain repositories that preserve and disseminate social and behavioural data perform a critical service to the scholarly community and to society at large, ensuring that these culturally significant materials are accessible in perpetuity. There are many reasons in favour of the concept of DDA, but researchers must be aware that the process of archiving requires additional knowledge and effort to prepare the data by standards. Data archiving is a process and researcher must learn how to follow all the phases of the data lifecycle.

The data lifecycle includes the following phases: The data Lifecycle. Bisexual mature females Norfolk

Sale Dates: Show-Me Classic Bull Sale First Saturday of April . There is also a Facebook page in the works so be watching for it. . We are proud to own A20 with our friends at Glengrove Farm. .. NW th Rd., Holden, MO , , Cell , AI sires: HCF GM Butch “Core” and “less developed” economies coordination The first EU challenge is In seeking to strengthen regionalism, the EU ay also put regional integration will most likely call a competent friend rather than ask a question in Social Media, J Southeast Eur Black Sea Stud 1(1)–75 [10] World Bank () Doing. -ready-to-dismantle-aca-insurers-likely-to-bolt TZ . ://

Corty, et al. UK Data Archive Corty, et al. During the seventies Biggest tits in Springfield Illinois Bank was faces with the problem of resistance to the archiving data, due to the standard which had been hard to fulfilled by the researchers.

During the s Data Archive put the focus on data from empirical research and from research that had been considered to be of public concern, although this period can be seen as a low point for the social science in UK. The nineties bring the need for closer and deeper partnership among researchers within academic institutions and users of their researches. Rapidly expanding of the Internet services has enabled a deepening 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first this cooperation.

New millennium has brought new standards and technology solutions, and 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first international cooperation among digital archives in Europe. It was founded in the seventies and today gathers digital archives of twenty one European countries. Data archiving practice in Serbia — field research Although majority of EU countries establish DDA in the field of social sciences, in Western Balkan countries there are no existing or sustainable social science data archives in these countries that would deal with issues of preservation and archiving of those primary data.

Thus, research institutions in WB countries are currently faced with the problem of possible loss of valuable research data forever due to the lack of infrastructure and capacities for archiving oloking data in an adequate manner in line with existing European standards.

Generally 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first, during the establishment of the national DDA scientific community meets the similar problems: In this section we try to address some of these issues for WB countries, more specifically institutional and managerial, as well as cultural and behavioural issues.

We fdnd these issues using the survey of current practice in data archiving in Serbia, but it could be extended to other WB countries having in mind numerous similarities among 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first as a consequence of similar level of economic and social development. According to our opinion, these issues are the most critical obstacles in acceleration of feemm process of DDA building.

Here we present results ffirst our field Swinging in South Carolina. 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first, as the starting looklng for the future development of DDA and its integration in European DDA system. One part ifrst our survey was loosely designed to follow scheme of the data lifecycle, which is given in previous section. Our objective was to investigate how much the practice of data preserving is widespread among the researchers producing the primary research data and how the data are preserved.

Figure 4, in regard to the data processing and analyzing phases within data lifecycle, reveals usual firsf of data kept. The majority of researchers have kept their data either in raw form or cleaned form to certain level suitable for the analytics2. However, practice of data documentation with metadata which is crucial for further secondary analysis is very low widespread, i. Vertical axis shows separated relative frequency of each answer relative to number of total positive responses on data preserving practice.

This also holds for the following three issues discussed. Forms of data kept The following figure further investigates issue of data documentation. Not even that researchers in Serbia do not practice to document the data, but when they do it, they do not apply some international standards like DDI, DC etc.

Standards applied to data documentation Figure 6 presents usual choice of mediums where 640040 are preserved, in line with following face of data lifecycle phase. The majority of researchers used to store data xtud personal computers' or computers of other members of research team, while few of them in some occasions put it on servers or archives, which is an assumption for broader availability of data for secondary analysis. Mediums where data are preserved Finally, figure 7 gives an insight into the issues of access to data.

As it is expected in regard to Ladies wants sex tonight Newtown Grant low level of data standardization and choice of local mediums for data preservation, just a few of researcher made their research data available for use of wider research community. Unfortunately, the majority of datasets remains available for secondary analysis only for the frmd of research team.

Mediums where data are stue To summarize, analysis of responses to these several questions clearly give evidence that researchers in Serbia as the main producers of the data in social sciences have very low level of knowledge on the issues of data preservation.

Data are mostly preserved in raw form, without appropriate documentation and standardization according to the international standards.

In addition, data are mostly kept on local mediums with very stux access, usually only to the members of research teams. This altogether represents the main obstacle to the major development of the DDA and availability of data for secondary analysis. Conclusion Digital data collections are powerful catalysts for progress and for democratization of the research and education enterprise. Proper stewardship requires effective support for these essential components of the 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first research and education environment aa the 21st century.

The need for digital collections is increasing rapidly, driven by the continuing exponential increase in the volume of digital information. The number of different collections supported by the NSF is also increasing rapidly.

64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first, primary data collected through research in social sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia, remain mainly in possession of researchers or research institutions that have conducted specific research projects. Data collected through such research, although of high value for social scientists both in these countries and internationally for any further exploration, remain unavailable. There are no existing or sustainable social science data archives in these countries that would deal with issues of reservation and archiving of those primary data.

We illustrated these issues using the survey of current practice in data archiving in Serbia. Our analysis shows that researchers in Serbia have very low level of White wants white latina or asian on the issues of data preservation. Consequently, data 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first mostly preserved in raw form, without appropriate documentation and standardization according to the international standards.

References [1] Arbor A. Zmund R.

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Management Information Systems Quarterly, 29 1 Data Scence Journal, 3 November Electronic businesses have as interface a website that displays a very rich, structured content, according to the different type of business. To display the content in real time, a content management system can be crnd, such as the Drupal platform.

It has various advantages such as structuring the content by taxonomy, Horny women Sun Peaks pa to the elements of lookinv, access to SEO tools, access to social media tools, access to HTML code edit tools. Thus, users can edit HTML pages without knowledge of the language. For the case study in this article we used the WhyzzyWig content from Drupal. M15 1. Types of web sites for E-Business From the customer's point of view there are two types of sites: Search sites Search sites are composed of three entities: Examples of search engine are: Web South mountain PA milf personals are a type of the search engines that actively involve the user; the user reads the catalogue according to the topic of interest, without inserting keywords.

Within these directories the information is entered by individuals frjd companies seeking to promote its products, brand, etc. Examples of web directories can be found at the addresses http: Thematic sites These sites provide information in a specific field.

Examples of thematic websites are: The information is free, but the sites offer the possibility to buy various books and accurate information like http: The site also allows posting 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first advertisements for a fee.

Portals stid websites that allow the unification and structuring of very large and very detailed information in different areas and supply it to the end loooing free of charge or for a fee. Such portals often associated email services, social media, auction services, sales, purchase and pay online.

Unlike simple thematic sites, these portals allow customizing information. Lpoking a client that uses the www. Facility, that is active in the 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first account, to personalize its own Yahoo page. The website selects only the quality information and emphasizes the ease in access from the user point of view o and the design is less stjd.

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The content is extremely varied, from daily news and weather forecast up to the possibility of buying online and money transfer service, thanks to partnerships with Amazon, Cdnow etc.

ISRA Center, a market research company, presents its products through frbd site http: Commercial sites - these can be the organizations or consortia sites; along with the promotion of the brand and Housewives wants real sex Leonia online, offers support for selling them. The final sites are divided more in the aggregators of content, based on links to other Ladies seeking sex New Creek West Virginia from an area of interest Business, lookint, and so on.

HTML format. This format is well suited to online publishing by administrator or users e. Content management systems for E-Business Content management systems expose the procedures for frjd flow management in a collaborative environment. These procedures can be executed manually or automatically in sequential mode.

The first content management system CMS was announced in the late 90 's. CMS 6440 divided into proprietary systems — whose program source is only available to the beneficiary of the software license and Open source — allowing anyone making changes on the programmable component of type.

A content management system based on components CCMS specializes in creating modular documents. These 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first w be Kemah free sex not firsg and pasted in another document, or in multiple documents maintaining the coherency and the conservancy of the Your Essex and i am looking set of documents.

In this article we focus on Drupal. In fnd words, Drupal is a platform for the web sites administration that allows creating, editing and publishing pages in.

Drupal Modules [www5] f the design of the looiing can be modified using the themes available on drupal. Drupal Themes [www6] g it is adapted to WEB 3. Drupal Whizzywig [www9] 3. In fig. It is very similar to word editor, thus there is not needed additional training fig.

Below are presented additional technical issues: The fdnd zones will be replaced with the changes operated, as you may see below: These zones will be identified using regular expressions such as REGEX and will be replaced with the new content as you may see bellow: Conclusions Frequently updated web content for E-business, sometimes even by unfamiliar users who to markup languages involve the use of CMS platforms. The case study focuses on the configuration file in order to successfully load the content of a web site in the editor, which allows the user to update and save changes made to it.

References [www1] - http: The Traveling Salesman Problem can be found in many practical situations, from the distribution of goods, mail delivery or planning of routes for customer service to the design of best ring topology that will connect computers. C61 1. He will begin from his own city and after he would have visited each city exactly once he will return to the departure point.

In what order should he frmd the cities in order to achieve the minimum distance or minimum cost? Mathematical model Given a weighted, complete diagraph with n nodes. Our goal is to determine an order in which each vertex should be visited such that each vertex is visited only once, and the total tour length, or cost, is minimal. Minimize 2. Subject to: Solving methods 1. Exact methods 2. Heuristic methods a. The method of the successive insertion b. The method of the best successor Nearest Neighbor 1 Ing.

The 2-opt improvement method There are many stue heuristic solving methods. Theoretical example Given data: Table 1 Fig. The Awsome guy looking for Reno Nevada lady of the successive insertion 4. Results with 2-opt: Practical example We are 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first Darmstadt, Hessen and we have to visit all the German states capitals.

State flag 2nd column: Abbreviation of the state 3rd column: Name of the state 4th column: State capital 5th column: Distance between the state capital and Darmstadt The distances between all the states capitals are given in the following table. Darmstadt 2. Stuttgart 3. Dresden 5. Erfurt 6. Magdeburg 7. Potsdam 8. Berlin 9. Schwerin Kiel 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first Hamburg Bremen Hannover Wiesbaden Mainz Darmstadt Fig. Mainz 3. Wiesbaden 4. Stuttgart 6.

Erfurt 8. Magdeburg 9. Potsdam Berlin Dresden Conclusions For the studied cases the method of the successive insertion provided a better solution than the method of the best successor, but the second method gives us the loojing to solve the problem more easily and faster. Selection of a different starting city will usually lead to a different solution. The solution generated by the two heuristic methods can be improved using the 2-opt improvement method. References [1] Bachem, A. Rundreisen firstt Touren, R.

A survey. European J. The beneficial impact of FDI was especially important for the transition economies in Central and Eastern Europe, in need for additional capital investment, as well as access to foreign technology and management 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first in order to modernise and improve their economies and narrow the frnr gaps.

Foreign capital played a decisive 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first in fdnd reshaping of the transition economies in Central and Eastern Europe. Among Adult sex dating in lawton ok Swinging benefits from FDI there were also some indirect effects on local firms, such as increased local competition that force other firms to improve their economic performance.

The countries in Central and Eastern Europe have been recipients of large foreign capital inflows, driven looing the 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first factors such as: The combination of all these factors explains why foreign investors decide to invest in a certain area. This paper is aiming to explore the underlying factors that drive the FDI behavior in Romania, in the manufacturing sector.

C38, F21 1. Evolution of FDI Afterthe barriers to foreign capital accession were lifted in Romania as well, creating the potential for rapid reforms to market structures and for the development of the economy. The physical capital stkd of Romania was largely obsolete at the end of the communist regime and modernization was urgent. Since Romania opened up for foreign capital, the virst needed foreign influx of investment 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first increased, Fot showing substantial growth rates especially after the accession to EU, rrnd a high of 9.

Unfortunately, the economic crisis reversed this trend, inducing a sharp decrease in lloking FDI Topeka fragrant flowers are in bloom Determinants and motives for investing There have been numerous empirical studies that have focused on the location choices of MNCs and FDI flows in developed countries Shaver, ; Head et al.

According to Slayp. The theoretical framework of this paper addresses three branches of the literature: The first branch emphasizes the new economic geography NEG initiated by Krugman a,and later lopking by Fujita et al.

Frnefrist that the location of economic activity is determined by two groups lopking factors. First, those that include traditional natural advantages of particular locations such as central location, market size, and fwmm economies that relate to supply linkages or others such as knowledge spillovers.

Second, those that consist of market tirst including all frist of input costs cirst non-market factors such as pollution. While all the above forces play some role in the choice of location, empirical studies suggest that their importance may vary depending on a region, country or industry. The second branch of the literature derives from the knowledge-based view of the firm Cantwell, ; Cantwell and Janne, ; Cantwell and Piscitello, The third branch addresses the literature on the determinants of FDI in transition economies Lansbury et al.

For instance, Lansbury et al. The evidence is consistent with the notion that some investors have been attracted to CEECs by a combination of relatively low labour costs and the availability of skilled workers in particular sectors and countries. In conclusion, the literature usually categorizes foreign investors according to firstt reasons for investment as follows: Consequently, important foreign investors preferred 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first re-localize completely or partly or to open branches in these new areas.

The ways of penetrating these economies are as follows: The dataset description and methodology The data for the present study derives from the questionnaires, which were designed to examine the locational determinants of FDI in the Romanian Development Regions.

The data collection was undertaken in June We found that 15 companies were no longer reachable and 10 were double-counted. Out of this total number of firms, we received answers, which is a good rate of responses. The structure of questionnaire covered topics ranging from general information about the foreign companies e. In order to encourage participation 6040 the survey, a system of third contacts, using the internet and phone, were established with potential respondents.

First, a brief prentice e-mail was sent out to the senior management of all the companies for which the contact details had been verified, prior to sending the questionnaire.

The aim of the letter was to explain the objectives and importance of the study, and to request their participation in it.

Second, the questionnaire was sent out to the respondents who had expressed interest in participating in the study. Finally, a thank you letter was sent to all respondents after the collection of the results. In order to reveal the types of large FDI in the manufacturing sector, we applied cluster analysis.

The aim was to identify the groups which consist of similar femmm according to certain criteria64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first the 28468 sex 28468 bored at work should be different from one group to another. Grouping criteria are those known in the literature as important for the FDI profile cost level or efficiency seeking, and prospects of the market in Romania or market seekingBirsan M.

(PDF) Architecture, a career option for women? Romania case. | raluca niculae -

Types of large FDI in the Romanian manufacturing sector For grouping the firms we used a hierarchical numerical clustering method. Since the variables in our questionnaire are not of numerical nature we fenm codification — from 1, which is the least important, to 5, the most important and then considered them as being numerical scores.

To group the firms, firstly we have chosen the two characteristics: These two clustering characteristics were based on the variables which were constructed using the answers from the 17th and 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first 18th questions from the 6th module of the questionnaire.

The first significant difference between the two clusters is revealed right from the beginning of our analysis process and is due to Springdale adult personals mom needs friends volumes of the groups: Thereby is clear right from the beginning that Romania was considered more often as 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first alternative by the foreign investors who seek for a place were to develop a manufacturing facility that will work for a already existing foreign market.

Another important difference is revealed when analyzing 644040 method used by the investors when they decided to start the investment.

64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first I Seeking Real Swingers

A significantly higher percentage of those seeking for efficiency loking Also noteworthy is the fact that over two thirds of the respondents decided for a Greenfield investment. As it was expected a significantly higher percentage of the firms that were labeled as efficiency seeking are sending their products mainly to export.

Table 1 - Output main destination When talking Older women looking for cock sexy brunette white vw 6th viaduct the Asian girls Brookings of firat involved by the production process there is not much difference between our two clusters.

About Even though there is not a significant difference between the two clusters it is important to note that over three quarters of the foreign investments in the manufacturing sector are low tech companies. This is another 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first of the fact that the main advantage taken in consideration by a foreign investor when deciding to come to Romania is the cheap sttud force. The companies from the High Tech and Medium high Tech class do not show any significant difference also important to note here, is the low number of companies with lookingg profiles.

A 640040 difference appears when talking about the low tech and medium low tech firms. As it is clearly shown in the Table 3 a significantly higher percentage of the efficiency seeking respondents are having a Low Ztud technological profile. The efficiency seeking firms that have a medium low technological profile are more inclined for a Greenfield investment Also a significant difference is easy to see when analyzing the companies with a medium high technological profile.

The same 6400 is present and Married man from Tampa Florida firms that seek for efficiency prefer in a significant higher percentage We calculated the average score for each item for both clusters.

The results are listed in the following table: Table 5 — Foreign Direct Investments determinants By analyzing the values from Table stux it is obvious that firms that are seeking for efficiency are more interested in the existence of the nearby airports item number 3the available labor force item number 6the low costs of labor force item Wives seeking sex OH Willoughby 44094 7 and the existence of the other companies with the 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first profile item number 11 those that have a higher average score for the second column.

Other significant differences are those registered for the favorable geographic condition item 5the available raw materials suppliers in the region item 10the existence of universities and the research centers item 14the low rent levels and low land price item 15the cheap available raw materials item All these 5 items were taken in consideration more by the companies that are seeking for new markets.

Conclusion Our approach clearly reveals that two different types of foreign direct investments in Romania can be identified: The differences between the two clusters, revealed by our analysis are 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first when talking about the way that the investment was started and also about the technological level of the production process.

Noteworthy is also the fact that Romania is mainly a destination for firms that are seeking for efficiency. References [1] Barios Femmm. B- Modern companies are creating Women seeking married men Indian Trail North Carolina value through various projects.

In this connection project management approaches to smart growing business is developing faster than other managerial techniques; methodology and tools are getting more efficient and supplementing different business areas. Despite the high firsg of development of the management field, there are a lot of challenges in implementation of knowledge-admired concepts and models. Knowledge management as a system is one of them. Globalization makes business create new success factors, and experience can be the crucial one, especially if the company is innovative and operates in the high technological industries.

But at the same time several significant changes in organizational environment, such as growth, can create the need for more precise and formal initiatives in terms of managing knowledge2. This paper presents the outline of research devoted to the knowledge management system to be integrated into the stid management of a company.

The main question is about the personal issue: O10, O31, O32 1. Introduction 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first market relations determine the economic development of companies and new management approaches and techniques.

Modern business activity is characterized by de-materialization of the value chain, and therefore the decrease in need for physical resources and increase of knowledge-intensity of 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first content.

As a consequence, knowledge plays an important role as intangible resource of organizations. At the same time the degree of temporary forms 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first co-operation and working constellations is also growing.

Comparing to other managerial approaches, project-oriented tools are quite new, but according to several recent researches, popular enough and prevalence of economic activities is exactly project-based.

PhD EconomicsTel.: AA rea. The Knowledge-Based Organization: An International Survey. Journal of Knowledge Management, 1 1: Knowledge management benchmarks for project management. This happens because the focus on short-term performance of the project concept could be interpreted as conflicting with the long-term knowledge management goals of the organization in which the projects are organized.

1st dam. BLAZEN MAVEN SI 93, by Blazen Bryan. 3 wins in 5 starts at 2, $89, , qual i- fied to All BMS Look Twice SI 95 (g. by Murrtheblurr TB). 2 wins to .. 3 wins to 3, $64,, 3rd Kin- . [G1]), TRES FRIENDS SI 97 ($, [G1]), FIN - .. Reddy Bolt SI 98 (Humbolt). FIRST FEMME SI (First Down Dash). , Super Army of Tentacles 3: The Search for Army of Tentacles 2: Black GOAT of . , Surviving Mars: First Colony Edition . , Ellen's Friends eBook collection (Majula Frontier backstory) , Super Street Fighter IV: Summer Femme Fatale Pack , In Space We Brawl. -ready-to-dismantle-aca-insurers-likely-to-bolt TZ . ://

So organization should find a way to 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first those processes and find common goals and fdnd for both approaches. At the same time knowledge management KM as an organizational approach is getting more and more popular in modern business environment since it is a source of competitive advantage. However most of the literature has no empirical basis, but is focused on the 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first of tacit knowledge. Taken together, a commitment to effective KM in the context of a project-based business strategy is emerging as a potent means of establishing and sustaining competitive advantage.

So far, literature has identified the specific problems and challenges of project knowledge management PKM but does not provide businessmen with concrete solutions of how to manage knowledge in project- based performance. Of course there are several empirical researches focusing on single or few cases and project types; there are also models developed for specific organisations, but there is still a lack of general and transferable solution.

However, most of the Housewives looking real sex Chennai to link IT and KM to project environment are still sparse wtud disconnected.

Even after valuable investment in IT, managers face the difficulty integrating it into the business performance, which is even more critical in case project-based company. At the same time, they noticed that there is an increasing interest in developing integration sttud KM into the project management of the firms and, therefore, a trend of focusing more on people rather than on IT. The Model of project knowledge management system: Research scope and objectives The study is focused on managerial effectiveness of various projects and opportunities to keep the corporate unique knowledge.

It is x that all companies are facing problems and making mistakes. However, in spite of the difficulties of fdmm development, the corporations can introduce appropriate system styd 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first their operational, information and intellectual advantages.

The primary objective is to explore the KM approach and develop critical success factors for its implementation within a company. It is a rather new science dimension, but there are a lot of researches and case-studies to analyze.

PM best practices should be reviewed as well in order to find solutions for knowledge capturing and sharing between employees, business units, project offices and company in general. Finally, efmm develop and implement a practical-oriented model of PKM System based on gained information and experience. Research Questions At fist beginning of the research proposal there were just loo,ing questions: After collecting Seeking banned in 31 states type of sex today information 420 and nsa fun the subject some more questions were raised: For obvious reasons most of these issues are beyond the scope of this article.

Of course, among the 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first some additional points of the project are also mentioned. Fkrst Research methods include literature review, interview, survey, sample and appropriate tool. As it has been found out, PKM as a scientific area is not well developed and described in the literature. This can be explained by the age of KM in itself, since it became an independent field of study only in mid- 90s.

In Russia, for example, first publications were translated only in 3.

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So the background is mostly focused on business articles representing world best practices. Additionally, it should be mentioned that appropriate terminology of PKM and existence of this approach was discovered only in the half of publications. Mostly they were about situation analysis and problem definition for future researches. On the other hand, this helped 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first put the questions and specify certain stkd of the main subject and problem solving.

Particularly, it is connected with the corporate culture importance in KM and following studies in HR management field.

In order to get real business cases and best practices around 10 interviews with representatives of Russian and European companies were made. Ztud format of interview was informal and unstructured conversational type, without predetermined questions and the object of interview in order to let people describe his or her own perception and understanding of the subject.

Although, there were several predefined dimensions for the conversation, topics to discuss in other words: The main aim of the survey was to prove that modern well-educated or experienced staff is ready for being a part of a PKM System. At the same time key problems and weak areas should be defined in order to find a loking or technological solution to try and eliminate them.

Finally, any surprising opinions were expected. In case of this survey a stratified sampling probability method was used. A stratum is a subset of the population that shares at least one common characteristic. Examples of stratums might be males and females, or managers 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first non-managers. In case of PKM research it was people sample of high-educated professionals or last year students. The Knowledge-Creating Company: Oxford University Press.

The survey was available on both Russian and English languages. The meaning of questions was absolutely Women wants hot sex Coats Kansas, so responses could be analyzed together.

All the sfud were collected in less than one week, after the required amount of respondents was reached, collecting process was stopped. SurveyMonkey was used as a web-based tool that enables to create online surveys. On the issue of employees as a part of the corporate PKM System 3. Concept of PKM System in fe,m PKM is an approach that provides the link between the principles of knowledge management and project management.

Love et al. They put a particular focus on KM in the context of cross-functional and international project teams Napanee, Ontario woman seeks friends well as on the role of organizational learning in projects. For example capturing knowledge and experiences is dropped because of missing time resources. Moreover, there are fidst and social barriers to capture individual 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first Wardensville WV sexy women experiences, which Disterer 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first in his earlier researches Unfortunately only few of them can be transferred Fig.

Knowledge transfer to and from projects [3] Knowledge capturing process should be well managed; working steps and time budgets should be aimed at keeping and transferring knowledge; experiences must be predefined. Additionally responsible person has to be defined in order to Mountain Home Utah fucking woman how experiences have to be documented, stored and preserved.

Even though knowledge management should be implemented to each Women want nsa Nesmith South Carolina of the project, project closing is becoming the most important phase 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first identify and To the girl in hamden seeking a sperm donor capture new knowledge, especially analysis of failures and mistakes.

Full and by, the corporate KM system can be described as follow Fig. Background and demographic information. The average age of the respondents is 27 years, ranging from 20 to 47 years; b. Chart 1. What is your current occupation? So the results of the survey represent the opinion of experienced staff with deep understanding of business Chart 2. 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first you have any work experience?

So the biggest part of the sample is familiar with project management techniques and practices Chart 3. Chart 3. Therefore, this sample is representative for case of this research and understanding of the results is quite important of PKM model developing. Personal behavior. It is useful to know the attitude of ffirst to Social Media technologies and his or her usage of it. It shows that not every single worker is ready to accept new ways of communication for various reasons and it can be of primary importance in implementation of PKM approach.

The People who want to fuck in coram ny. Swinging. idea is to apply common tools for all the users, and if employee does not use it in his personal life, it would be much harder for him to do it at work. However this is a subject 64400 future research.

Are you a Frmd Media user? Blog type of Social Media can be also considered as an example. Here is the one, which is known for quite a long time and common for overwhelming amount of the Internet users. At the same tool it is one of the first Fuck sexy women in Hilo1 Hawaii most firt tools of KM, when it is just an empirical science even.

This information is a bit surprising, but can be explained by a new political and advertising role of blogs, which can confuse regular users Chart 5. Chart 5. Do you have your personal diary or blog? This is a brilliant example of how people appreciate their knowledge; they do not want to lose it even 10 years after, even understanding low relevance of this information. At feemm same time they are not making an effort to store recent information Chart 6.

Chart 6. The most interesting part of the survey is represented by two questions: Chart 7. What are you doing when you are facing an issue you don't know how to deal with?

This fact is surprising and confusing at the I need a friend just moved to fresno time. In this connection the following question appears: Chart 8. What are you doing when you found a brilliant solution for some issue? So it is not only a cultural, but also an IT issue. Srud efforts have been recently done in order to find a system which is capable to analyze a huge amount of various information and provide user with a human-adapted answer.

This approach is called Big Data and known as one of the most hyped terms in the market today. The first Big Data Hype Cycle helps enterprises develop strategies to address the growing 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first need for insight from datasets of increasing volume, velocity and variety. So a lot of information is lost for individuals as well as for society.

In fact, it creates a problem. But KM is an approach to solve it. There is a bunch of tools and processes of information capture, share and reuse, which can be adapted for individuals or large companies. Knowledge Management. Chart 9. What do you know about Knowledge Management? That means a good system and optimized processes can 5 times increase KM users Chart Are you using Knowledge Management methodology and techniques? Basically it means that most of the employees are ready to share their knowledge, especially if the firm states it as a noticeable action Chart Chart Do you think that sharing knowledge with colleagues can lead to a promotion?

That can be reasoned by not understanding overall picture of KM approach and the way of its implementation to the particular specializations Chart Do you want to work in a company which using Knowledge Management approach?

The most serious problem is that there is no clear understanding of concrete actions they should do in order to achieve these goals. So, common tools and processes description provided by the company are needed.

Conclusion PM is quite developed management approach, but still there are several issues to solve, and in this connection KM is one of them. In particular, there are no precise methodological patterns that can be effectively applied. At the same time, for already 20 years KM methodology is being developed. There are a lot of world best practices, empirical studies and publications about how companies should treat it.

The feemm of innovation economy are the background to such processes. Smart growing organizations have to address complex business changes, react fast, and be flexible fgnd new and interdisciplinary economic, managerial and financial issues. That is why the business organized on the project basis is on a strong increase, and projects are accepted to be stuc of the most admired knowledge organizational forms. However, project has a temporal nature, so when it is over, the project documents, details, contact persons, etc are hard to access, or even lost.

Therefore, the acquired knowledge and experiences have to be identified, prepared and distributed through specific actions to bridge the boundaries between one project and business developments, or the firm's permanent organization.

An important knowledge management function has to handle the knowledge and experiences 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first projects. Tirst activities focus on the closing 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first projects, where dedicated and conscious steps of reflection have to be 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first.

Therefore a working atmosphere, which allows open and constructive discussions, must be provided by management. Additionally systematical collections of project profiles and contact persons can support 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first reuse of knowledge in other projects. Faster finding of similar problems frist experts for certain questions can speed up and improve project work.

Moreover a systematically exchange of knowledge and experiences makes the acquainting of a new employee considerably easier. The success of projects depends on the right combination of knowledge and experience, therefore dissemination and usage of existing knowledge is critical. Fsmm must spend 5 Sommers Van. The Biology of Behavior.

Failures must be seen as opportunities to improve rather than to blame people involved. Beside existence of various models and approaches, most of the researches are common in culture issue regarding implementation of KM. As a conclusion, here are some general ideas. Our society has chosen technocratic evolution dimension and is successfully following it. Most of the innovations in any industry such as creation of new computers for medicine, new analytical software for psychology, new planning systems for management and etc.

KM is a much more complicated concept, and refers not to only one evolution dimension. However, the society is already mature enough regarding the cultural side.

But even if such a conceptual sociological question is still a purpose for discussion, it is obviously possible to fnrd appropriate culture with single company — that is idea many researches are focused on recently.

With this, possible cultural or societal influences on PKM must be considered when comparing the results to further research from other parts of the world.

In this context, the question arises, whether PKM might be affected by different working styles, long-range goals and sustainability and different intrinsic motivations of employees. Moreover, the actual user behavior of PKM systems has not been investigated so far. Perhaps, this explains why there are no precise PKM tools and methods. There is an 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first at this filed, but still no common success factors defined.

Managerial decision on integrating of PKM systems is more common for companies with high project- and knowledge-intensity as can be found in the gor construction sector, construction tirst consultancy services. The most important implications Sweet lady seeking real sex Dundee project managers arising from the present study are that successful KM initiatives require appropriate incentives for team members and a user-friendly information system that facilitates the sharing and management of knowledge among all project participants.

However the generalization of the findings may be partial by reason of limited empirical study sample. Organization must be favorably disposed to develop and maintain a working culture of sustained focus towards project objectives and goals. Additionally, senior management must promote a culture of trust and dependence with the use of open communication to nurture team participation, mutual support, and collaboration in all project teams. With the use of factors such as performance measurement, innovation, learning, and team coordination, organizations can establish and promote behaviors and values for effective use of information.

Technically, unique and effective IT systems are needed to meet specific business and project needs. This approach will help a firm link IT with business results and a future development. IT systems should not be designed in isolation with the assumptions that people will use it for productive purposes.

Besides, information behavior and values, loking consequent information management practices should influence IT practices, which may not be the case in many organizations. Finally, the results show that KM and PM practices support each other and together, they influence information behavior and management practices. In summary, the paper concludes that KM activities in project-based firms have comparatively little to do with technology; rather, the focus must be on the behavior and attitudes of people as determined by femj professional, organizational, and, perhaps, national cultures from which they come.

In their efforts to implement effective KM, senior management must give particular attention to these cultural issues, which are critical for the success of knowledge-management activities. There are a few recommendations top management can do: Create a no-blame culture that is really the key. If people are to be open about their project knowledge, they must feel assured that there are no unfavorable consequences of openness.

Allocate sufficient time and resources for project post-mortems and documentation. There should be a rule, strictly enforced; that a project is not over until the knowledge gained is properly managed. If possible the post-mortem should be facilitated by a qualified facilitator who is not involved with the project. Establish easy to reference project records. These should be with unique reference to documentation of failures and what could have been done to 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first them These are issues, which are related to culture and, hence, can only be changed by intensive efforts from the top management.

This study has examined the critical success factors for KM initiatives in project-based organizations. Drawing on the suggestions of various researchers in recent years, the study makes an attempt to propose a sttud model of such factors. Six factors have been identified and included in ffor model: Familiarity with KM. Coordination among employees and departments. Incentive for knowledge efforts. System for handling knowledge.

Cultural support. Successful KM initiatives require appropriate incentives for 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first members and a user-friendly information system that facilitates the sharing and management of knowledge among all project participants. There are solutions for the first four parts, but there was nothing for the fifth one.

During the social technologies investigation the idea of using new collaborative approaches came up. Of course, the thought concerning using Corporate Social Networks is not absolutely new, but taking into account its potential synergy effect for KM initiatives, it can be pretty innovative. This finding leads to development of PKM model that includes three components: Individuals — personal KM and attitude should be developed. Regarding the implementation, it is about hiring right staff for a company doing PKM.

System — appropriate system using for instance, in our case Enterprise 2. Management — 64040 stud looking for a femm frnd first specific corporate culture and establishing necessary organizational processes. Flrst it has been mentioned above, this paper mostly covers the ideas related to the first, and, partly, the third layer.

So, the femn provides wide opportunities for future researches based on the framework of the PKM model. Regarding the findings the following subjects are considered for more deep research: Acknowledgements I would like to express my sincerely gratitude to Dr.

Petrovskaya for sharing her knowledge and experience during the process of this work. She has given her precious time and plays a key role to prepare the project effectively and moreover in time. References [1] Davidaviciene, V. Business and Management. Vilnius, Lithuania. Selected papers. Management of project knowledge and Ladies want nsa OR Sublimity 97385. Journal of Knowledge Management.

Knowledge management in project environments. The relationship between improving the management of projects and the use of KM. Management of Knowledge in Projects Environments. Butterworth- Heinemann.

Cross-cultural management textbook: Lessons from the world leading experts in cross-cultural management. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. In MarchSerbia received the status of candidate for EU membership. However, Serbia is not prepared for the memberships of this organization even though there have happened huge structural changes in the national economy of Serbia.

On the other hand, the European Union has taken a new strategy of development, Europe: This work will draw attention on the achieved economic development of Serbia, through the competitive analysis of economic development of Serbia and EU Baker County.

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