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Big belly 4 fat Newport news lady

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Belly fat is more than just unattractive.

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It is dangerous to health and possibly a symptom of other issues. Belly fat is there to insulate and protect our organs, but too much is not good.

Big belly 4 fat Newport news lady Seeking Sexy Meeting

It is a sign that the body is not healthy including the organs, says Dr. Klinton J. Kranski, D. Too much fat poses serious risk for heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer, says Dr.

Wants Sexual Partners Big belly 4 fat Newport news lady

The heart suffers when there is too much fat around it, he explains. They are eating a lot of dense food.

For example, corn-fed cattle will contain more sugar and fat than grass-fed cattle, she says. Kranski points to alcohol consumption as a factor.

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Consuming too many alcoholic drinks on a daily basis can cause the liver to become bigger, resulting in the belly getting bigger, he says. Stress is a Problem There are some elements of how belly fat develops that have mews to do with what we eat.

Kranski says that during times of increased stress the adrenal stress glands Big belly 4 fat Newport news lady overreact and contribute to weight gain, especially in the belly.

Many experts believe that high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone produced from the adrenal glands, adds to belly fat. When Neds works with patients she closely examines their lifestyle and how much stress is involved in their day-to-day living. Moss and her colleagues use certain Follifoot needs female assistant, such as breathing exercises, to help reduce stress.

Tips On How To Lose The Belly Fat After Menopause | HuffPost

Those techniques can help enws the use of food as stress relief. They really need to look at their lifestyle. Medication Helps and Hurts Moss says medications like antidepressants can cause fat to deposit around the midsection.

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Kranski points to sleep aids in bellyy, even over-the-counter varieties, as contributors to excess belly fat. And some pain medications cause fat to burn slower, he adds.

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Is Your Body Working Against You While genetics can contribute to a large belly, Nadler warns against giving up on weight loss just because biology may be working against you. Gender is a factor as well. Men tend to lose weight easier than women.

Women of peak child-bearing age are less likely to have belly fat because more fat is being deposited in their hips. However, when women enter menopause fat accumulates around the midsection.

This is especially true for women who have had a baby Blg two, Moss says.

Thyroid imbalance can cause weight gain, too. A person with an underactive thyroid will have low metabolism. Getting older can also make belly fat an issue, but Moss warns of giving into age as an excuse.

What Can be Done Working at it means adopting a low-calorie, high-protein plant-based diet with little processed foods. As for exercise, Nadler recommends walking, especially for those who currently do not exercise. To lose weight successfully, Moss says you must continue to work at it: It has to be consistently monitored and maintained.

Written by Susan Smigielski Acker. Weathering Winter. Health Care Goes High Tech. You may also like.

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