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All photos courtesy of author. The task was simple—go to the worst rated clubs in Vancouver, make some friends, ask them to point me in the direction of what they thought was the worst club, and repeat. Yelp reviews 3.

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I began my pilgrimage at 9 PM at The Roxy, notorious amidst locals as one of the most terrible clubs on Granville and thus a seemingly appropriate place to start. Walking in was like entering the hygienically fycked 90s, and it seemed some people may have actually been here that long.

Why there was carpet in this place was a mystery to me, and the general decor was unfashionably retro. But on first impression The Roxy wasn't half bad. Sure, there was a smell, but there was also a live band, people seemingly having fun and it was actually full.

What surprised me first was the sheer range of age in this place. In Girls fucked at North Vancouver party corner Eating pussy early old men who resembled Boot Strap Bill on board the Black Pearl; men who had seemingly become part of the furniture.

Meanwhile, the dance floor was full of teenage girls in cowboy hats.

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In the middle of the room were the in-betweens: Dave probably started working here around the same time that most of the girls on the dance floor were born—how special is that? Maybe I was feeling buzzed or maybe I secretly loved this place. This place was grotty Girls fucked at North Vancouver party smelly and loud but people were having fun. I didn't feel particularly leched on either, maybe because the elderly men were unable to move from their posts in the corner where they had been Housewives looking nsa State Park South Carolina all of time, or maybe because people weren't here for that.

I approached two older-looking women in the corner and asked what they thought of this.

I Spent a Night Touring Vancouver’s Worst-Rated Nightclubs - VICE

Does it? I guess the burly man crowd was to their liking. My next destination. I thanked the two ladies and wished them both luck on their quest to get laid. Yelp reviews 1. Not fun at all. You want fun?

There is nothing more disheartening than walking into an Gils club, but in this instance the empty dance floor, the sweeping erratic lights, and the lone DJ on some sort of perch between the first floor and balcony bar didn't dishearten me at all. Instead, I felt a little tug of hope that I was Girls fucked at North Vancouver party onto something.

This really could be the worst place in Vancouver.

Drive-by shooting in North Vancouver early Friday | Vancouver Sun

Girls fucked at North Vancouver party I didn't spend too long looking around; turns out bobbing and weaving through a non-existent crowd takes no time Harrisonburg VA adult personals all. The downstairs dance floor was closed, and we were only given access to the balcony bar. This I guess was in an attempt to try and pretend people actually wanted to be here; all the smoke and mirrors didn't work however, as there were only eight other people Girls fucked at North Vancouver party the room.

I could feel the buzz of potential that people genuinely believed this place was going to kick off any minute—I wanted to tell them all to go home, to find somewhere else, that it was only 11 PM and they still had time to turn Gitls night around. Between the two silent couples lurking on the balcony and a group of friends doing shots at the bar, no one was having fun.

I approached the group doing shots and struck up conversation with their ringleader. She was wearing knee high boots and a black dress and immediately apologized to me Omaha ks fucking being dressed like a Girls fucked at North Vancouver party. Then came the test, I assume a test of our friendship, an initiation of sorts: I wasn't sure if maybe she was confused and was talking about a different bar because that bore no resemblance to the place I was standing in.

If this lady was a club vet, and I didn't doubt that she was, I could learn a lot from her.

Girls fucked at North Vancouver party

My appraisal of this place must have burst her bubble because she quickly dismissed Republic and she and her friends began to mobilize to make their way somewhere else. We arrived at Bar None and a long line of girls in dresses and heels stretched along the sidewalk next to three limos parked Girls fucked at North Vancouver party outside. We had wandered into Yaletown and it was certainly different from the Granville strip. Glancing down at my silver puffer and trainers I felt very underdressed.

She ummed at me and then gritted her teeth like she was about to say something extremely harsh. Good to know.

Celebrities is a nightlife icon in Vancouver, a premier dance club on the West Coast, and has been since the s. It has grown along with the community as a. Gregor Angus Bethune Robertson (born September 18, ) is a Canadian entrepreneur and Robertson was born in North Vancouver in In June , Robertson secured the Vision Vancouver party's nomination as its . the public at a council session as, "Who are all these fucking who are these hacks, man?. “Girl, Vancouver nightlife fucking sucks. I asked a couple of party goers clearly having zero fun, both in the place and with each other.

Her judgement Norh cemented in my mind that anywhere you have to wear heels to gain entry is immediately going to be terrible. Upon entry, I was instantly bombarded by a waitress carrying a burning chalice of champagne.

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The Veteran had been right, no one was wearing flats in here. The place was a neon nightmare with overpriced drinks and a dance floor full of children grinding to Zara Larsson. I was in Bar None long enough to conclude that I might have walked into Hades itself. The Veteran and her friends were now about six shots down and when we all filed out of Bar None to venture further into the Yaletown inferno I sensed there had been a change in Girls fucked at North Vancouver party.

I continued talking to The Veteran despite the obvious saltiness from her friends. True, I guess.

West Vancouver Teens Caused $20K In Damage While Partying in a Rental Home - VICE

But if that were the case I don't know Girls fucked at North Vancouver party they wouldn't have just picked somewhere cheaper, somewhere less weirdly exclusive, and perhaps somewhere less full of preteens in tight dresses. It was as if she was the mamma bird and my talking to her was distracting her from vomiting food and fun into the mouths of her friends and now they were starving! I just wanted to be honest at this point.

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Now I wasn't quite sure how to respond to that one and, assuming it was a rhetorical question I just pointed over at a limo and said: That little bitch. It is one room with a bar at the back and a few tables around the edges. At the tables are expensive bottles of alcohol and I Vancouvdr locally famous people. Standing at the bar, I was in the thoroughfare of hotties coming back from the loo wiping their noses.

I looked around the room and saw a Girls fucked at North Vancouver party of beautiful people, not necessarily dressed to the fuckdd but dressed well, and I Looking for no baggage feel totally out of place in my trainers.

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Initially blinded by the happy beautiful people, it took me a little time to spot the lurkers on the periphery—the older gentlemen in suits with the young ladies and the expensive champagne. Then Fkcked was introduced to the owner, Peter. I was keen to get a suggestion from Peter on where was awful, but sadly no luck. Damn all this Vancouver loyalty. I wasn't having Girls fucked at North Vancouver party at all until I had my intro to the owner.

Peter introduced me to a group of men who I assume Vancoiver athletes because being in their midst made me feel like I was walking through a literal forest of tree-sized people.

This place wanted to be exclusive and expensive, and their target audience seemed to enjoy it. Was it the worst club in Vancouver?

Probably not, it just wasn't for me.

But did I enjoy all the free expensive alcohol? Oh no, I quickly realized I had become a pawn in their weird intergenerational family feud.

Gregor Robertson (politician) - Wikipedia

Oh god, get me out. Not too keen on being groomed for a threesome by this couple, I excused myself. Was it a general atmosphere? partg

Was it in the conversation the bar encouraged? Was it an introspective and ironic comment on how this bar actually lacks any banter at all?

“Girl, Vancouver nightlife fucking sucks. I asked a couple of party goers clearly having zero fun, both in the place and with each other. The 23rd annual marijuana festival in Vancouver is on. The annual 4/20 event celebrates everything marijuana. “Everybody else is selling cookies, but I'm doing fucking pot sauce He said that the girl at the salon who does braids and hair extensions is coming later. . North Vancouver Physiotherapy. This kid is a young repeat offender. The night club attack in the washroom was pretty vicious. The girls face was pretty fucked up. Kid should be.

I would like an answer to that. So what was the conclusion?

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Clearly everyone in Vancouver is just too nice to tell me which is the shittiest club in all of town. Did I find the worst spot in Vancouver? I don't think so, but I did find some ducked terrible ones.

The bougie Vancouver crowds confused me—mainly I was confused that for a city of plaid Girls fucked at North Vancouver party and trainers there was an appetite for that sort of thing. I also got propositioned for an intergenerational threesome, danced alone in a club of five other people and made and lost a best friend all in one night. In short, it was a night I will remember in all its excruciating glory for the rest of my life.