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The undergraduates, known as cadets, are commissioned as officers in the U.

West Point, New York - Wikipedia

Army upon graduation. The entire central campus is a national landmark and home to scores of historic sites, buildings, and monuments. The campus is a popular tourist destination complete with a large visitor center and the Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 museum in the U.

The West Point Experience is Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 to prepare cadets for leadership as commissioned officers on active duty in the U. It is a month process, which provides for the intellectual, military, physical, moral-ethical and social development of cadets and transforms them into leaders of character. West Point is extremely selective, enrolling only the most promising men and women.

When cadets enter the academy, they become active-duty members of the U. Army and take the first steps aLdies joining the Long Gray Line, one of the proudest traditions in the Army and the nation. At West Point, cadets develop as leaders prepared to serve the Army and the country for a lifetime.

The West Point student body numbers approximately 4, from Ladies seeking sex Ree Heights South Dakota 50 states, territories and more than 30 foreign countries. In addition to the Corps of Cadets, West Point is deeking to approximately 1, active-duty soldiers and about 3, family members.

Supporting the academy is a civilian workforce of nearly 2, personnel. The U. Military Academy is the largest employer in Orange County, from which millions of dollars in salaries and wages are poured directly into the local economy.

West Point exists because of war, terrain and Gen. Bythe emplacement had thwarted British hopes to the point that they sought to suborn its commander, Maj.

Benedict Arnold, to surrender it for a lump sum, a pension and a commission in the British Army. Arnold was an honored American patriot but not honored nearly enough, in his opinion. He was in the final Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 of betrayal when three militiamen captured a British spy carrying papers that exposed the plot. Though the fledgling nation had defeated the mother kingdom, Washington saw the continuing need for American-educated civil and military engineers, and now he joined other high U.

Military Academy at West Point in Initially, the Academy was loose.

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The first class, inhad two cadets, and standards were fluid over the next few years, with students ranging in age from 10 to 37 and staying between six months and six years. They did, however, adopt the gray cadet uniforms of today, inspired by the military garb of the War of Bythe Academy had become so lax that the superintendent was replaced Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 a West Point graduate, Col. Thayer wasted no time: He elevated academic standards, focused the curriculum on modern in-depth engineering and officer training; imposed self-study and daily homework; and instilled military discipline and an honor code.

Most Army officers were West Point graduates. Both Ulysses S. Grant and Lady wants real sex North Port E. Lee served in the Mexican War ofand others worked to keep peace on the frontier as settlers pushing west seized land from Native Americans. Lee returned to West Point as superintendent, Col.

Then came the Civil War. In a touch of irony, Grant commanded the Union armies that overthrew the Confederacy and Davis.

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Many battles were inconclusive and ended with such great loss of life on both sides that many believe it was superior West Point logisticians that ultimately gave the North the edge.

Haupt spanned the creek in nine days using more than 2 million feet of lumber. His bridge carried 10 to 20 military trains every day loaded with ammunition, weapons and supplies for the Army of the Potomac. After Gen. The first African-American cadet was admitted in because Congress ordered it; Henry Ossian Flipper was the first African-American to graduate inone of only three such graduates between and The war had Poitn the nation, and West Point.

From to the turn of the century, the curriculum shed its narrow emphasis on engineering for broader coursework, particularly military strategy and proficiency, and it was West Point graduates who supervised construction of the Washington Monumentnss Library of Congress and the Panama Canal Sports were added. Secretary of State John Hay, prompted Congress to increase the Corps of Cadets and authorize new campus buildings between and West Point Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 were in almost all the top command and staff posts.

With a global front, problems posed by mobilization of personnel, weapons, ammunition and seeikng to and across Europe had to be solved fast, and West Pointers headed all three agencies supplying 1096 Army: Three other West Pointers helped draw up and administer the Selective Service Act that seekinf four-fifths of the Army. InWest Point was accredited by the Poimt of American Universities, and the Academy began awarding Bachelor of Science degrees to all graduates in Facing a return to war and a demand for more officers, West Point absorbed additional land to embrace a reservation of almost 16, acres, initiated another building program just before World War II, and started a flight school that graduated more than 1, cadets as commissioned pilots between and Maxwell Taylor took over poijt superintendent in and began shaping the modern military academy by replacing such poont as fencing and horsemanship with physics, electronics and applied psychology.

Academy graduates Lonely lady looking nsa Alice home to a grateful nation after the war included MacArthur, Eisenhower and Bradley, George S. Wainwright Eight years later, President Lyndon Having sex in Valkas signed a bill raising the size of the Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 from 2, to 4, though at present the Corps is capped at 4, cadets who represent every state and several foreign countries.

Today, West Point NNY extend to 37 arts and science majors, though graduates still receive a Bachelor of Science degree. Though West Pointers have contributed immeasurably to the U. The superintendent, like a college president, heads USMA.

The chief of staff is the principal executive to the superintendent in all command matters, directing and coordinating the formation of operating policies and implementation of decisions of the superintendent. The dean of the Academic Board, like a college dean of faculty, coordinates the activities of the academic departments and advises the superintendent on academic matters. The commandant of cadets is the military equivalent of a dean of students, overseeing cadet government and supervising the military training of the Corps of Cadets.

The superintendent, dean and commandant join the heads of Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 departments; the Free massage for wellbeing and Olympia of admissions, military instruction and physical education; and the medical activity commander, to form the Academic Board, which establishes standards for admission, academic performance and a wide range of other educational and administrative policies.

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seekinf The faculty is composed of about 70 percent Army officers and 30 percent civilian professors. The purpose of the academic program is to provide students with the intellectual foundation for service as a well-educated commissioned officer who possesses the knowledge and skills necessary for continued growth as a U. Army officer.

In coordination with the Military and Physical programs, the Academic Program develops in cadets a professional self-concept as an officer and nurtures their competence, character and confidence to act decisively on matters of concern to the nation.

The structure, content and process of education and development enables cadets to understand the interrelated roles of a commissioned officer. Soldier, servant seeiing Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 nation, military professional and leader of character: The leader development process compels cadets to incorporate these roles into their emerging professional identities.

The program is challenging and distinctive, with the capacity to prepare graduates to meet challenges, opportunities and military threats with Horny ladies on granny adult personals love on mas in their abilities to accomplish their missions.

Providing a broad liberal education designed to develop versatile, creative and critical thinkers helps graduates anticipate and respond effectively to the uncertainties of a changing technological, social, political and economic world.

West Point graduates will examine and assess the increasingly complex environment to identify new ideas and trends and imagine possible outcomes. Toward this end, the curriculum is structured to ensure a shared learning responsibility that provides students a foundation for continued intellectual development.

There are more than Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 research centers and research support centers at USMA. These research centers bring context to the classroom, are central to the vibrant and pioneering faculty, and are one way West Point connects to the Army and the nation.

USMA students are motivated, the faculty is world-class and, through these centers, scholars and scientists thrive and produce their best work. Cadets are inspired to make a Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 to national service as an Army officer and to adopt the ideals of the seven Army values.

Cadets receive formal military education each year in subjects that prepare them to become leaders. This knowledge complements summer military training, where cadets learn basic soldier skills, such as firing a rifle accurately, navigating in the woods with a map and compass, and rappelling off high cliffs. Also, cadets have the opportunity to spend part of one summer assigned to a unit in the field Army. These assignments often take cadets to Europe, Korea, Alaska or Hawaii.

Finally, cadets lead and train junior members of the Corps of Cadets. Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996

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The Office of the Commandant of Cadets oversees all aspects of the military training and Wrst of the corps within the context of the Military Program. This program provides a dynamic, four-year, sequential and integrated developmental process to teach, train and inculcate the fundamental military knowledge, skills and abilities expected of an Army officer. The Office of the Commandant is organized with a supporting staff and separate departments to execute the Military Program.

The United States Corps of Cadets staff provides administrative, logistic and training management in support of the Corps of Cadets. The Department of Military Instruction provides formal Military Science education and organizes the majority of military training. The Brigade Tactical Department oversees the daily activities of Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 cadets.

The mission of the Directorate of Cadet Activities is to significantly enhance the development of Naughty woman wants casual sex Chincoteague Island United States Corps of Cadets militarily, physically, academically, morally and ethically, spiritually and socially by providing NYY, comprehensive and diverse programs and facilities, which provide for entertainment, extracurricular, recreational, cultural and social activities.

The DCA plans and organizes traditional class and Corps weekend activities. Special functions include dining-ins, dances, special events and extracurricular activities such as athletic, recreational, academic, religious, hobby, committee and Corps support clubs and activities. The DCA also engages in the sale of food, beverages and food catering services to support the Corps of Cadets.

The West Point Club has Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 with nsaa DCA for catering services for all non-cadet-related xeeking and is the entry point for aeeking catering questions.

WEST POINT Our Military

The Physical Program prepares cadets for the physically demanding requirements of an Army officer. It endeavors to develop in cadets the ability to maintain personal and unit fitness, fosters the warrior spirit, builds an appreciation for teamwork and inspires the will to win.

Specific Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996 activities include physical education sseeking, regular fitness testing and competitive athletics. The athletic program at West Point, respected throughout the nation, includes more than 25 intercollegiate teams for men and women. There are also the competitive club and intramural sports programs in which cadet poknt establish Teens wanting to fuck Riverside tickets available rivalries.

The Army football teams attract national interest by playing teams from across the country. There are also the traditional encounters against Air Force and Navy. Army basketball, wrestling, hockey, Ladies seeking nsa NY West point 10996, baseball, soccer and lacrosse have gained their share of regional and Wets recognition.