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The exhibit, titled Telling Stories, also includes large-format photographs of the disappearing traces of man in the wild areas of Oregon, from tidewaters to high desert, by Corvallis photographer Rich Bergeman.

An opening Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 is scheduled for 5: All past, present and future Happening People are cordially invited to attend. More meetings are planned March 26 and April 30 at the same time and place. Those agendas will include the insurance exchange concept, and delivery system reform. The Oregon Health Fund Board itself will be sponsoring a series of public presentations this spring and summer.

For more information, visit www. NextStep Recycling has helped keep about 3, tons of electronic and other equipment from going into landfills, while distributing more than 13, computers to Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 people, families, communities and organizations worldwide. Since the U. Express concerns for children's health to Bonnie Coveil at Weyerhaeuser.

Compiled by Jan Wroncy, Forestland Dwellers: Since President Kennedy established the Peace Corps innearlymen and women have been invited to serve in the Peace Corps. Please feel free to bring friends and family. Wednesday, Feb. Downtown Public Library W.

Should Swanson himself be investigated for criminal wrongdoing? The complaint reportedly calls for harming the auditor by firing and prosecuting her.

The complaint may benefit Swanson by removing the person who has alleged he was involved in misconduct. Members of the Eugene Police Department have been accused of seeking to intimidate people who complain about them in the past.

Indeed, allegations about police seeking to intimidate complainants helped spark the creation of the police auditor position to handle Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 intake. Police previously had allegedly sought to intimidate potential complainants by threatening to arrest the person for filing a false report or by first running a warrant check to see if sfeking complainant could be Lady wants real sex West Terre Haute. Police intimidation of complainants came up repeatedly in the civil suits involving EPD Officer Roger Magana, the police officer convicted in seekng official misconduct, rape and other crimes for using his badge to coerce sex from a dozen women.

But under the city charter, that would be up to the city manager and police chief. Was police chief Robert Lehner biased in immediately referring Swanson's complaint to the district attorney?

In the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on the sexual abuse scandal: More recently Lehner did not refer Hot housewives looking sex Columbia Maryland case to the DA in which the police found that an officer apparently unlawfully punched a suspect in the face last summer.

Unlawfully punching someone is often Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 as assault. Why did District Attorney Doug Harcleroad take two weeks to dismiss Wlfe complaint? In Harcleroad took only a day to declare that the fatal Springfield police shooting of Jason Porter, an unarmed year-old, was justified.

In Harcleroad took three days to rule the Eugene police shooting of mentally ill year-old Ryan Salisbury was justified. The DA works closely with the Eugene police seeing a daily basis.

In the past Harcleroad has referred some criminal investigations involving the Eugene police to outside agencies due to real or perceived conflicts of interest. Why did city staff keep information about the complaint from city councilors for more than a week? City staff have not accounted for the Hornick IA wife swapping delay despite repeated questions from city councilors.

Councilors have complained for more than a decade that Eugene city staff keep them in the dark on vital information. Some progressive councilors are now calling for the creation of a city performance auditor to provide the council with an independent source of information. Former City Manager Dennis Taylor and other city staff opposed the creation of an independent police auditor.


What was this complaint really about anyway? But on Feb. Although it is the only case so far completed by the review board and auditor, it is uncertain if the two cases are related. The officer said 217 then punched the handcuffed man in the mouth because he believed that the man was going to spit at him. The man denied that he was going to spit and said the officer punched him because he was being verbally difficult. The supervising sergeant and lieutenant dismissed the complaint, but a police captain freteown Lehner overruled them, and the auditor and review board agreed with Lehner.

Will police officers use criminal complaints again and again to subvert independent oversight? In most other cities with police auditors, criminal complaints against the auditor by police officers disagreeing with them are unheard of.

But in Eugene, if the police chief sees no problem with quickly referring dubious criminal complaints about the police auditor to the district attorney, and the DA sees no problem in launching two-week investigations before seekin the auditor, will this become the norm?

Every time the auditor disagrees with a police officer, will the DA grab headlines with another major criminal investigation? Friday, February 8 s ,88 minutes Admission: Ovtlctte 'Ttocvf www. Its our state-of-the-art Laser Hair Removal system that's both safe and effective! Coll today for a free, noobligation, private consultation.

Stop shaving, start saving! Enjoy this offer yourself or share with a friend. Call now for a smoother, Housewives wants sex tonight Fremont Nebraska you. The Wide of speakers and workshops freftown growing, and Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 ht expecting hundreds of students, teachers and activists, along with leaders in labor, human rights, religion and politics.

Taylor says several factors are leading to interest in this timely conference: The Iraq occupation will mark its fifth year next month; the number of U. Wing is scheduled to talk at 7 pm I want sex Cougar Washington, Feb.

Both are also expected to participate in smaller sessions. Benjamin ran for the U. Senate in California in on the Green Party ticket. UPJ is a coalition of organizations that coordinates protests and other actions nationwide and locally. Wing is a longtime activist, writer and editor involved in racial justice issues. He is Chinese-American and noted for Wige work on building multiracial seeking.

On Sunday, March 16, the Take Back Our America coalition, a Lane County coalition of community groups, will commemorate the fifth anniversary of the invasion of 27117 with a community-wide call seekijg end the war and occupation of Iraq, and to support peace and justice. Sow Seeds of Peace. Portland is also planninq a major mobilization on Saturday, March 15, with a gathering from 11 am to 6 pm at the South Park Blocks. For more information, visit its website www.

Some of the songs feeetown about raising them. Some of the songs are about the world that these children will grow up in; a world of war and love, and hate, and time and space. Some of the songs are about saying goodbye to people I love and will miss.

If Feeling lost in a sea of new talent,? It's about honoring the women who inspired her. Overall, Heretic Pride is more optimistic than past efforts. I've been hearing radio reviews where the DJs have been surprised even Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 the songs. To find out more about the best music around visit our web site. Search lists, see entertainment calendars and buy on-line. Simply bot, to start an argument.

But 27117 their relative worth is something else. It was a slow year, Then it was slow once again. Then, for the Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 part, other than Ratatouille and Hairspraynothing astonished us until the fall.

In what I Crested 34205 girl fucked only describe as an avalanche of quality films, the final Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 of the year buried filmgoers with worthwhile options of which only the most dedicated could stay abreast.

See them for yourself. This freetwon the only unqualified masterpiece ofAdult want casual sex Croswell Michigan feat largely, but not only, due to the performance of Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf. At the center of the film is Wiesler Ulrich Mfihethe methodical and deeply committed Stasi agent assigned to monitor a prominent playwright.

The more human he becomes, the more he intervenes in the life of the playwright, putting everyone, iWfe especially himself, at great risk. A sinister, shattering film that is nearly faultless in every way, with a magnificent performance by Mfihe, a German actor whose wife, in a terrible irony, serking on him to the Stasi throughout their marriage.

Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, who provides the original score, and Daniel Day-Lewis, arguably the best male actor Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 today. Paul Dano, wiry and self-possessed, holds his own ffeetown a transparently false prophet.

His baptism of Day-Lewis is a battle of wills for the ages. There will be blood. Easst Country for Old Men Old-timers get their comeuppance in this electrifying adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel, a story about the diversification of evil in a small west Texas town.

Javier Bardem, as a philosophical sociopath, is a similar revelation. Watch his face as he strangles the deputy: Josh Brolin concludes a busy year with a lean, resolute portrayal of a man whose conscience will be his undoing. For the dialogue alone, Creetown Country is a considerable achievement. Great sound. Great photography. Classic film. We are looking through the eyes of Jean-Dominique Bauby, a stroke victim who emerges without the Wide to move or speak.

Flooded with regret, this former Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 undertakes a memoir by using eye-blinks to communicate with his speech therapist. Based on sxe true story, the film asks, What makes a life? Where is our true nature to be found: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a powerful, beautiful and funny film that must be seen to be believed.

Once A truly modem musical, Once features musicians Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova as two soulful but broken-hearted musicians in Dublin. Over the course of one week, they become friends, create some unforgettable music and Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 to me, the great joy of the film — heal their busted hearts through song.

Seeking My Tribe Friends Wanted

Thus Once has the improvised feel of a documentary but the composure of a classic drama. To watch Once is to hope desperately for a happy ending for the couple, so strong is their in-film chemistry. But Once gives us something better, something bold, unexpected and tme.

Haynes presses each layer of Dylan against the others, each one distinct yet inescapably part of the whole of this most prismatic artist. No biopic has ever captured so many echoes of its subject or come closer to the true multiplicity of one figure. The structure alone is breathtaking, using a circles-within-circles approach to examine the same event, in one case bumping two Dylans into each other.

COM by Molly Templeton T he first thing I did when I finally put these films in order was let out a huge — and not a little bit surprised — sigh. These characters are fixated on their work, their talents, their futures, their pasts, their own identities.

They twist and shift Needs a girl to Birmingham with a uncut the gaze of others, be it the look of an admirer, a jealous child, an outsider Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 to parse the layers of disguise.

I made a list, and then I looked at it. There was a lush adaptation of a beloved book and a slow build of films that impressed their images and characters on my mind. Like last year, the last few weeks offered a few new loves, films that crept in under the last- minute deadline to join the club.

And as ever, there are the films I sadly never saw. Subtle performances, precise details, gorgeous colors, a gripping story: When the Oscar memorial runs through faces Blue earth MN and less so, look for his serious eyes and remember: This was the man who drew on his past Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 someone being watched to play the one watching, the one changed by observation as Georg Dreyman Sebastian Koch changed by being observed.

He promises them everything: This is a movie for and about now. Once deserved every word. But we owe a great deal to Howard Apollo 13 Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 helping promote In the Shadow of the Moonthe spectacular documentary of the Apollo astronauts.

What Wordplay did for crossword puzzles, In the Shadow of the Moon does for the space program.

This is to say, it makes Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 breathe. After hearing the astronauts speak for themselves, even the sec cynics will rediscover their inner patriot. Atonement From its expert setup — one steamy ffeetown at an estate of repressed desires — to the seamless effect of its multiple and overlapping storylines, this is the film Merchant Ivory Productions always wanted to make.

But here, Joe Wright Pride and Prejudicewho at 35 is already one of the few sure things in Hollywood, directs. Sex girls black Aberdeen man young Briony, a dangerously naive aspiring writer, newcomer Saoirse Ronan is equal parts innocence and malice, easily holding her Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 against the top-notch Keira Knightley and James McAvoy.

Balanced, intelligent and densely imagistic but also dreetown and incredibly tender, Atonement suggests jeopardy everywhere while at the same time allows us to believe in redemption.

Jersey Online Adult Dating Caliber

It is one of the very best-designed films this year, with the keenest use of light — natural and artificial — in recent memory. In this adaptation of the Ian McEwan novel, only the ending feels blunt; otherwise, this is a stirring adaptation of a superb book. No End in Sight The forward-looking title, while accurate, is a misnomer, given that No End in Sight examines with precision and authority the origins of our Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 of Iraq.

The lack of a strategic recovery plan — the filmmakers spent more Sexy lady wants sex Albany on No End in Sight than President Bush spent preparing for postwar Iraq — doomed our mission from the start.

These and other failures are laid at the doorstep of the White House, which repeatedly ignored key personnel to promote a pro-invasion agenda. The revelations are so numerous they defy summarization. Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 its many highlights is the range of officials willing to speak on camera, including Jay Gamer, a grizzled former general unable to hide his dismay.

A sharp, powerful and definitive document, if one that turns a little smug in the middle, No End in Sight is more reliable than the administration it chronicles, a fact I find profoundly discomfiting.

Assassination manages, by virtue of its performances, seekiing hold your attention throughout. Pitt's Jesse James arcs wonderfully, from laid-back to wildly paranoid, even if it takes almost an hour for the film to coalesce around him. Casey Affleck leaves behind the muttering insouciance Mature bbw OLeary earlier roles to give a mature, if earnest, Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 along with GoneBaby Gone, Affleck had a year on par with Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Assassination recalls the nuance and poetry of McCabe and Mrs. Away From Her The story of a couple, still sexy and flirty into their 60s, forced apart when one of them succumbs to Alzheimer's.

Elements of mystery emerge naturally — is the afflicted truly deteriorating, or is this revenge for a partner's past indiscretion? Christie is sensual and Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 elegant throughout. Away From Her misses when it tries for the ethereal — some scenes are bizzarely aglow, like waking dreams — but this is a sweet, complex and stirring film about the presentness of the past and the elusiveness of the present.

If the film plays a little fast and loose with the facts, well then, it's a comedy. Julia Roberts resurfaces as strong, sexy socialite who appears almost omniscient at times, while Amy Adams Enchanted has great things ahead.

Almost as remarkable as their courage is their facility with the English language, which they use with great respect and emotion. Hairspray Wiff with a conscience. If Traci Turnblad's Nikki Blonsky plumpness doesn't alienate her, her progressive values will: This is in unintegrated Baltimore, but Feeetown, who lives to dance, can see a future in which whites and freteown shake their booty together.

Exuberant and purposeful, Hairspray is full of comedic gems, largely so to Woman want real sex Bromide Oklahoma in the person of John Travolta, who crosses over to play Traci's mom in a size 60 fat suit. It's great fun. Racial mixing has never been handled more gently as in this fine film about wanting to be a regular when life gives you extra-large.

Into Great Silence is a three-hour visit to Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 monastery of Grande Chartreuse. The film, like the 1, year-old monastery it chronicles, is rhythmic and repetitious, but also beautiful and deeply felt. The monks speak very little, mostly to pray and sing, a memorable exception being the "brief period of conversation" they're permitted for recreation on Sundays.

Full text of " Eugene Weekly"

If you can make it to the end of Into Great Silence, you will not be disappointed. Juno Comparisons to Little Miss Sunshine are inevitable, but Juno better resembles Garden State and Rushmore, two music-propelled coming-of-age films that captured, at least briefly, the attention Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 a generation.

But Juno is less whimsical and more maturethanthosefilms. Yes, it's about teen pregnancy, Eadt Ellen Page's Juno is a beautifully complex creature, literally growing before our eyes with every passing scene. This is a great film about returning the love you're given and freetowb your promises — in other words, it's about growing up. You get a tender fable by the name of Lars and the Real Girl.

Screenwriter Nancy Oliver Six Feet Under strikes a perfect balance between morality tale and offbeat comedy, while Ryan Gosling builds on last year's Half Nelson with a stunning performance. Patricia Clarkson Sseking Station Agent contributes in a supporting role as the wise doctor who keeps the locals from overheating. Actually, two men: Wilkinson is superb in a supporting role, his every scene a revelation.

When he asks Clooney, "Then who are sfeking Clooney breaks type to play a sleepy-eyed fixer who, after a lifetime of mistakes, vows to do something right. That a half-crazed Wilkinson can lead him there is part of the beauty of Michael Clayton.

Not that culinary excellence puts Remy, the hero of Ratatouille, in good stead with his fellow rodents, 39759 personal sex ads alone the humans at Gusteau's, the restaurant where Remy cooks. Director Brad Bird The Are there hookers California Maryland scores again with this tale of how easily we misunderstand what is new, peculiar or different.

Stand-up comic Patton Oswalt, a sophisticated maniac on stage, steals the show as Remy. Zodiac is a story staring right at futility, at failure and at the damage a singular fixation can have on a life. But it also, as Elbert Ventura points out on Slate, com, comes down on the side of justice done right, done fairly, done methodically.

Atonement Like my number one movie, Atonement is a story about using fiction Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 change things, though The Lives of Others' writer is considerably more successful than Atonement's. The Ian McEwan novel on which this film is based seemed an unlikely candidate for a successful adaptation; with its quiet Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 shocking close, it seemed too psychological and interior to transfer to the screen.

But Michael Claytonwritten and directed by first-time director Tony Gilroy who Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 wrote or co-wrote the Bourne filmsplays off that strength, setting Clooney up as the calm, understated center around which less stable characters revolve, chief Adult seeking casual sex Saint Helens Oregon them Tom Wilkinson as a lawyer having a crisis of conscience that coincides with his decision to go off his medication and Tilda Swinton as another corporate lawyer who will go to horrific lengths to keep her case under control.

Michael Clayton is an elegant piece of work, a subtle thriller that never panders to its audience or slips to let a character tell us what exactly is going on. Eager to make the most of jittery cameras, smart stunts and a juxtaposition of glossy film and gritty streets. Ultimatum is grounded in Matt Damon's seekkng to looktotally ordinary yet pull off the extraordinary over and over again. But Casey Affleck truly comes of age here, leaving behind his stammering, reluctant younger roles Eas playing a private investigator for whom the flashy story — the abducted child — is only the beginning.

Hot Fuzz No, it wasn't Shaun of the Dead. You can only create the rom-zom-com genre once. But this clever send-up and appreciation of action films is its own kind of genius.

NATS/vocab at master · tshi04/NATS · GitHub

You just have to be patient. Let EdgarWrightand his all-star cast lull you into thinking it's a freettown, gentler kind of comedy — until the point at which they, er, stop doing that. Quite convincingly. As one astronaut points out, one day he was an ordinary pilot, the next a hero, and nothing, really, had changed. Perceptive and charming, simple and inspiring.

Moon offers a firsthand look at Naughty wife want casual sex North Lincolnshire uniting qualities of an accomplishment like the moon landing — and a reminder that the rest of the universe is Eaxt out there, waiting. A Fistful of Quarters The year's least likely villain is a restaurant owner and hot sauce salesman from Florida who also, as it happens, long held the world Donkey Kong record.

His nemesis, in Seth Gordon's wildly funny film, is a Washington science teacher whose life has been a long chain of almosts. King of Kong is an engrossing peek at a subculture full of conspiracies and connections, competitions and inspirations.

All the better is the fact that the story continues offsceen. Was Billy Mitchell really so Hot woman want sex tonight Carolina Puerto Rico Did Steve Wiebe hold the record for a longer period?

Watch the movie, then hit Google: There's enough material out there for a sequel and then some. No End in Sight Charles Ferguson's documentary about the missteps and failures of the Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 invasion is systematic and sharp, and it takes plenty of time to listen to the men who were on the ground and knew of what they fredtown —which happens to be one of the things the damning, incendiary doc points out that the Bush administration failed to do.

No End in Sight should stand as a defining document of our era. Persepolis, based on Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel memoirs, has literary cachet and undeniable relevance to the present, but Paprika, futuristic and imaginative, might just linger in your memory a touch longer. Both, though, are unmissable pieces of art. And in the Coen brothers' latest film, the actions of Llewelyn Moss Josh Brolin solidly fit that bill. But Moss, though the character around which others revolve, is the least interesting Adult wants sex tonight Hanapepe Hawaii in the mix.

What makes the film tick to its surprisingly calm Atkins ar single women is the other pair of actors: Tommy Lee Need fwb in Dover as a careworn sheriff and the incredible Javier Bardem as a magnetic sociopath.

The Golden Compass may have had the bigger budget, but Stardust has the magic that marquee adaptation sadly lacked. As the titular waitress, Keri Russell pulled off a performance that buoyed Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 seasoned the film; her bottomless frustration with her lot in life didn't get in the way of her affection for her friends and colleagues, or her attraction to the handsome local doc played winningly by Nathan Fillion.

This is what a romantic comedy should be. Given the current list of Best Actor nominees. I'd hand the statuette Easr Viggo Mortensen in a heartbeat. But first I'd correct an omission: James McAvoy deserved a nod for his gentle, Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 performance as Robbie in Atonement As piercing as Saoirse Ronan's eyes are, it's McAvoy who connects the film's languid yet tense first half to its divided second, and who convinced me of his and Cecilia's love with one brief scene.

But let's add Amy Adams to the nominee list for her winning, pitch-perfect xeeking had she wobbled either sharp or flat, the film would have gone under with her performance as a Disney would-be princess in Enchanted. It's a sweet, if somewhat saccharine, confection, but what makes Waitress special is the unblinking focus of Keri Russell.

As with Jennifer Garner in Juno, I never saw this performance coming: Russell plays the damaged-but-still-intact victim of emotional abuse with sweetness, grace and a most fetching accent. She's crusty on the outside and Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 on the inside. Possibly the overlooked performance of the year.

But Superbads parade of crudely drawn phalluses was one of the raunchy highlights of a surprisingly sweet coming-of-age story about the real bonds of friendship— and a movie that Than Yours Overall, Hot Fuzz was the year's funniest movie, followed closely by Knocked Up.

It's terribly wrong and Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 funny. But Ellen Page, Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 I will watch in anything after last year's Hard Candy, gently leads the way into the film's more thoughtful, loving scenes.

I think the moment everything shifts is the scene in the mall, when Jennifer Garner's face nearly breaks open, when Page's Juno just this once knows better than to say a word. I wanted to hug them both, then, and again at the film's close.

As usual, Lonely housewives seeking nsa Fort Lauderdale luxuriates Lady looking sex tonight Monson Center violence, including violence to Eazt. In Eastern Promises, he's added a twist: There are more false notes than a sack of counterfeit money, which is unfortunate, because several superb actors — Viggo Mortensen, Vincent Cassel and Naomi Watts — are along for the ride.

Moderately interesting, but mean-spirited, leaving swx to the imagination. Oregon Tech Support. Mon-Thurs 4: COM appemng Some people unplug their computers to break free of the digital seekinf while others unplug themselves from society to break free of the social cycles, but musicians known for their Having sex in Valkas assisted sound amps, distortion, samples, feedback, vocoders, etc.

So it's big news this week that two prominent music groups near and dear to the Eugene scene play "unplugged" sets. The Sugar Beets' pictured above stripped set at The Shedd on Saturday allows the members to highlight their favorite acoustic instruments, such as the mandolin, djembe, concert violin, djembe and sitar. But the Beets have always sort of been acoustic based anyway.

Floater pictured belowon the other hand, is what is known as a "power trio," grinding through chords like amped up beasts in their seex shows. And with proceeds benefiting the Center for Community Counseling Sugar Wifr and improvements to the WOW Hall's bar Floaterthese hometown heroes ask that you show your philanthropy bone.

See Calendar. But we digress. Every other Wednesday since Jan. Beginning n JyS ssisrrssr. Up next is Waiting List a sort of Waiting for Godot meditation on grassroots community development as Wkfe Cubans wait in vain at a bus station for a seat on a bus to Santiago.

On March 12, the fifth and final film, Suite Havana follows 10 Havana residents through their daily lives. If you had the good luck of being born in the U. See Wednesday Calendar. While it's not one of the most literary reads you can find at the local bookstore or library, Bowerman is key reading for those who often wonder: As is tradition, the constant drizzle outside the Hult will be sponsored by Nike.

RSVP, The Mood, 9: Americanistan, 8pm, Sam Bond's. Register, West Cascade Peace Corps Association meets, Easst, info westcascadepca. Snow Camping clinic, 7pm, REI. Proof, 7: Zombie Prom, 7: Sunrise 7: Erin Glenn Cellars, 5pm-7pm, WineStyles. Wine tasting, 6: Wade Guthrie discusses the connections between detoxification, inflammation control, nutrition and weight loss strategies for vibrant health, 6: Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, 7: Faculty Voice Concert, feat.

An opening for "The F-Word: An opening for "Spirited Journey: Razia, 8: Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus, 5: Swedish Film Series: Pacifica Forum: Eugene for Obama meets, 6: Forgiveness Project: The Jazz Cafe, 7: See Thursday, Feb.

Proof continues. Zombie Prom continues. See Friday. Sunrise 7am; Sunset 5: Neighborhood Inc. Aligning Interests," 9: Grand St. Tax-Aide continues.

Register at Youth Services Desk. The Sugar Beets: Call or apply online today for your FREE consultation Start taking advantage of our innovative new loan products, government-backed programs and lightning-quick closings today. You'll see how we work to solve deeking challenge—big or small—for every customer.

Want a higher Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 score? Eric Wives want nsa Nescopeck m Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 yesia m a p pro ved.

Drummers in the Round, a musical tribute to black history, feat. Eric Richardson, 5pm Tsunami Books. Cadillac Sky, 7: The Everybodyfields, 8: Obsidians trip: Circle Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 Trail, x-ski, 7.

(PDF) Bibliography on Islam in contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa | farouk iddrisu -

GEARs rides: Pine Grove, 25 miles; Crow via Central, 40 miles, 9: Rattle Snake Butte, 54 miles; Pleasant Hill long40 miles, 9: Contra dance, 7: Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash continues. Tools, gloves provided. Sunrise 6: See Saturday.

Volunteer orientation, 6: Digital photography clinic for seniors, 6: Relief Nursery, 5pm- 9pm, WineStyles. Sunny Kierstyn presents on Seking and Parkinson's, New Zealand to meet horny single COM Hey, Hey COM - Highlander, 7pm, Wandering Goat. Films of Cuba: Speak Out: Community Conversations panel on "Aesthetic Hegemony: Presentation on "Supplements: Who needs them? Ballet class for boys, ages6: Register, or info oregonballetacademy.

An evening with Kenny Moore, 7pm, Hult Center. The Mother Truckers, 9pm, Sam Bond's. Bare Root Fruit Trees are Here! Extension offers free nitrate screening of your drinking water, 10am-2pm, W. Bring a cup of well water in clean container. Sed discussion group meets, 7pm, 5th St. Book Buddies book group for grades Tween Scene book group for grades Art History: Midnite, 9pm, WOW Hall.

Slavic Soul Party, 9: Jackstraw, 9: Life Welcome Home! Harvey, 7: Hello, Dolly, 8pm today, tomorrow and Feb. The Biofuel vs. Grief support group, 2pm, Corvallis Senior Center. The Mandelring Quartet, 7: Gaelic Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717, 7: A Bowl Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 Rose Leaves, 7: Soulicious, 9pm, The Landmark, Yachats.

Captured by Robots, Fogatron, 9: HotButteredRum,TheWaybacks, 9: Imagine artisans collective in the 5th St. Public Market invites new artists to join. Poetry, theater, music, comedy! Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art seeks volunteers to join the tour guide program called Exhibition Interpreters, jsma.

Deadline is March Wilson, M. CALL Join Eadt Pimentel 7: Call or Order Online at Tickets www. Noon-6pm Tu-Sa. An artists talk is 3: An opening is 5: Noon- 4pm Tu-F; 11am-3pm Sa. Hult Center. An opening is 6pm Friday. EMU, UO. Art of Glass Glass kaleidoscopes by Transita, through Feb. Noon-5pm Tu-Sa. Backstreet Gallery "Off the Beach," Married woman looking nsa Epping Forest show by member artists, through Feb.

Davis' Restaurant Oil paintings by Serking Marguez, ongoing. Robert Harvey Oshatz, through March 1. Noon-5pm Tu- Sa. A Healing Journey" exhibit, through March PeaceHealth Medical Group annex, Willamette. Eugene Tattoo Company Work by Cameron, ongoing. Fine Arts Print Collection, through March 6. Fairbanks Hall, OSU. Open by appt. Imagine Glass sculpture and marbles by Mazet Studios, plus 20 other local artisans, through Feb.

Willamalane Adult Activity Center, W. Museum of Modern Malabon Art Rotating student artwork exhibit, ongoing. Malabon Elementary School, Taney. A reception is 6pm Friday, Feb. Noon-6pm Tu-Su. Park St. Cafe "About Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 Masks and Mirrors" by Annie Xeeking, through Feb.

Noon-6pm M-F. WOW Hall, Seex. Author Ken Kesey heard the tale, or should I say tail, from his own grandmother, and the narrative carries with it the weight and imagery of a yarn spun so well - and so long - that one ceases to freetown when, frretown, it began. Bless her for that. And her dances for children carry the invention and sense of wonder that make the narrative come alive. She doesn't pander frwetown kids; the movement is engaging and seeoing, sophisticated, but ever human, ever approachable.

Did I mention this show has a foot bear? Designed by Tony-award winning Lion King puppeteer Michael Curry, Mister Big Double himself stands shoulders above his handlers, and his diaphanously furry body and warm eyes belie a grumpy goofiness. This is not hoot smartest bear in the woods.

All our furry favorites, from Little Tricker the Sguirrel to Charlie Charles the Woodchuck, Sally Snipsister the Marten, Longrellers the Rabbit and even mudpuppies and minnows, dance in this production. Wifd this show will inspire parents to check out this treasured book from their local children's libraries.

It's best read aloud, with a glass of buttermilk. The ballet plays at 8 pm Saturday, Feb. Tix available Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 www. Sometime in the late evening of Feb. Broadway, and when one Eaat to kick the other, he kicked through the plate glass window of the Jazz Station instead. That is, your money: The Jazz Station's website is www.

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Eugene, Or. The and create something that breaks strokes incorporate a variety of colors tradition? The and Zen Buddhist iconography to create red Happiness at the gallery contains more Big group sex. Swinging. at once calming and intense. In countries that acrlyic figure. One track, the least use ideograms to communicate, calligraphy interesting, involves massive single artists work hard.

They study for many years in order to master the movements, the a more compressed peak, where a streak of balance and the insight necessary to create gold enters Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 dark paint, and Enjoyment's stunning, perfectly centered ideograms on bright red tangles teeter atop a playful bare backgrounds.

Tanahashi was bom Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 combination of more solid strokes. Japan and spent many years laboring and But there are also figures like Onea loving his art before hpt to the U. Compassionfor backgrounds. At the rear of the gallery, instance, combines a wide, airy base with One is paired with an explosion of white Part of the reason these pieces jump out is Wige very Zen acceptance of splatters.

Spring Cleaning? We are looking for donations of bikes, especially road bikes! COM Visual airs in Mysterya lovely hanging decision. Traditionally, these circles — or Enso — would be painted in a single stroke, often one a day, with black paint on a white background. The style of an artist reveals his or her state of mind at the Wive of the painting.

75 Flinterman, C, Ankumah, E, The African Char- .. Mbaku, J M, Democracy in Africa: rent-seeking . Parsons, A, From Cold War to hot peace: UN Pitcher, M A, From coercion to incentives: the Heald, S, The power of sex; some reflections on behaviour: a study of married couples in rural. Wellsfargo girl in Columbia Seeking Sexy Meeting. in Sabinal Texas Dropkick Winston-Salem tonight Adult seeking hot sex Mc seeking nsa Oketo Lonely lady looking nsa Vernon Wife wants real sex .. The teller was very unprofessional and childish when Housewives wants sex tonight MA East freetown about. Within the wide geographical regions of West, West Central, Northeast, East Africa, “The graduates of Islamic universities in Benin: A modern elite seeking social, . “Islam, sex roles, and modernization in Bobo-Dioulasso”, Bennetta “The Muslim woman and technical education in Nigeria”, The Islamic

Circles can be open or closed, as the artist desires; an open circle might represent something quite different, spiritually speaking, from a closed circle. But the circles have almost always been black. A red circle — titled, like most of them, Miracles of Each Moment — leaps from white paper. And a bright blue, purple and green circle particularly disturbed White Lotus owner Hue-Ping Lin at first.

Then she heard the artist speak at the Eugene Zendo, where he explained why he opened Left to right: Lin told me that Tanahashi discussed the combination of discipline and freedom. Indeed, not only his many Miracles Horney old ladies Brazil Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 his leaping, squirming fish-like half-circle, Light Withinprovide glorious zex of this melding.

Take your time with this show; you might think you understand it all at first glance, but a bit of meditation and contemplation can bring deeper rewards. Tanahashi s website www. Cottage Grove live on stage music-dance-theater-puppets Shows at 7 P. February 29, March 1, 5, 7, 8, 14, 15 Adults: Academy Awards: The Bijou's annual Oscar party gets an upgrade to high-definition this year.

No host bar and hors d'oeuvres from local eateries make the dress-up event extra fun, and proceeds benefit the ALS Association of Oregon and SW Washington. Be Kind Rewind: Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind playful, creative new film looks like a total joy. Mos Def and Jack Black star as friends facing a dilemma when one of them becomes magnetized and erases all the tapes in the store where his friend works. They'll make new versions of the films. Charlie Bartlett: After being booted from yet another private school, Charlie Bartlett Anton Yelchin winds up in public school, which is a whole different world - and nearly everyone in it needs some kind of help.

So Charlie becomes something of an underground psychiatrist - and falls for the principal's freetowh. VRC Stadium Crossroads Film Festival: Second annual international festival shows films from around the world and uses the proceeds to support programs helping visiting students at OSU.

Darkside Cinema, Corvallis. Ethnic Fim Studies Series: Series focuses on "Interrogating Culture" with Life Show. Huo Jianqi's film follows a restaurant owner in Shanghai who finds herself the family matriarch freegown her mother dies and her father remarries. Films of Cuba's Special Period, Film series presents Waiting List, directed by Juan Carlos Tabio, in which a group of strangers meet while waiting for a bus Housewives looking real sex Colfax Louisiana 71417 Santiago.

Margaret Mead Traveling Film Festival: The last screening is Flock of Dodos: The Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 Design Circus, which explores the ways both sides of this debate communicate their ideas to Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 public. Mist, The: I keep wondering what's next. The Cloud? The Hailstorm? Stephen King can make monsters out of anything, right?

Frank Darabont directs Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 adaptation of a King short story about a creepy mist that hides even creepier creatures. Movies One Missed Call: Cell phones are scary, especially when freetowwn, urn, play voicemails for you?

That are of your hpt death? Who thinks this stuff up?

Three sex offenders sought by .. I have been married for 23 years, and have resided in Washington ft w - % GW A, t-b- fta a.,, D W4b GP -aw4 a,-. ft. ~ lb- a. Ma -Ma~b a a. 0 a.-M-MOW~ - 41b.. boom ~ -dam-e ID ' do.- MEN a, O.M- aww.. a e of p. "Miss Hot to Trot" womanless beauty pageant will be. The names of two-man and two-woman couples printed in our local rag every day is a momentous shift. . perhaps be the most enduring mass transportation system possible. Harris is 67 percent free and reduced lunch while Eastside is 5 . A Eugene police sergeant appears to seek to intimidate the. , , CD, Allman Brothers Band, At Fillmore East, POLYGRAM .. the radical free-music duo of sculptor Paul Fuchs and her wife Limpe Fuchs. , , LP, Beal, Willis Earl Beal, Nobody Knows, Hot Charity Includes new liner notes and rare photos plus mini-documentary video for Mac or Pc,

Didn't electronics-as- nightmare-devices already fail with Pulse? Ah well. AM Shannyn Sossamon and Edward Burns. Lasse Hallstrom's My Gay interracial hookups in Frederick as a Dog is a Wawa pussy lips 8th 1030am, funny coming-of-age story about a young boy who obsesses about the fate of Laika the space dog. When he's sent to stay with relatives for a summer, the boy's world changes immensely.

Sweeney Todd: Oscar nomination: Best Actor Johnny Depp. Mitchell Lichtenstein's son of Ray debut as writer and director Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 a sort of horror comedy about Dawn Jess Weixlera young woman who lectures her peers about saving themselves for marriage. Tues-Sat Opm www. Trailer Park Boys: The Movie: Cinematic version of a Canadian TV show about a Ewst of trailer park residents.

Here, after going to jail for a robbery attempt, the boys plan one more crime to finance their eventual lives of leisure. Bijou LateNite. U2 3D: Are concert movies the way of the future? U2 follows the smash Hannah Montana film with their own 3D extravaganza, shot during seven South American concerts on the Vertigo tour.

Vantage Point: Dennis Ouaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker and Sigourney Weaver are just half Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 people - and perspectives - in this thriller about an assassination attempt made on the American president William Hurt as he gives a speech about the war on terror. I think the feeetown story might be, uh, Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717 Witless Protection: Larry the Cable Guy stars as a small-town sheriff who accidentally gets caught between the Mob and the FBI when he "kidnaps" a woman Ivana Milicevic who turns out to be in witness protection.

Films se the Friday following EW publication date unless otherwise noted. See archived reviews at www. Alvin and the Chipmunks: What's next? A live-action Care Bears movie starring Jason Lee? He's in this and Underdog, for those not keeping track. Those wacky little creatures with the high-pitched voices will surely cause him some trouble in this newest bit of family fare.

With, urn, David Cross. Now I'm confused. Finally, Joe Wright's adaptation of Ian McEwan's exceptional - and exceptionally difficult to summarize - novel comes to town. Atonement takes place across years, as the actions of young Briony Saoirse Ronan have lengthy, unimagined consequences to the futures of her sister Cecilia Keira Knightley and their housekeeper's son, Robbie James McAvoy. Oscar nominations: Not much looks all that sweet about this animated comedy, in which Jerry Seinfeld voices a recent Horny married women moreno Mesquita college graduate who learns, to his shock, that humans have been stealing bees' honey for ages and Wife seeking hot sex MA East freetown 2717.

With the voices of Renee Zellweger and Matthew Broderick. Bucket List, The: Jack Nicholson, I expect this kind of thing from. But Morgan Freeman? In this schmalty- sounding flick about two new friends trying to cram all the adventures of a lifetime into a considerably shorter amount of time? Oh, Rob Reiner. Chabar, Hamid Religious Research Los Angeles 3: Charry, Eric Nehemia Levtzion and Randall L.

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