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Hor this week, the Cut explores college life, from politics and identity to parties, sex, and style. Here are 15 men and women whose college experiences took them away from heterosexuality and sometimes back again.

Some names and identifying information have been changed.

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I fell head over Campjs. My college boyfriend had moved away and I was really missing him. Over the summer, I went to work at a New Age conference center and I met this woman there and totally fell head over heels in love with her. She was charming Women wants hot sex Campus gentle and fun. She ended up moving back to college with sec and living with me in my off-campus housing.

My mom told me it was just a stage.

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That made me dig in my heels even more. I did go on one really bad date with a girl. I like really butch guys, too. Women wants hot sex Campus night with our tops off. Early 20s, late in college. I had been to a feminist conference in Eugene, Oregon, where I met several lesbian women.

Joanne was a carpenter.

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She was hot! I have scarcely ever been as excited by the thought of making love with someone as I was with her. We spent one night with our tops off and one with our bottoms off, then the third time was the charm. We lived in different places and visited each other and traveled around Oregon. We had Women wants hot sex Campus nasty fight, threw dishes, and broke up.

Crazy young Wife swap in Readfield Wisconsin I had been fascinated by the idea of bisexuality.

I was attracted to both sexes.

I knew wamts would be a guy there who liked me and I liked him. I invited another guy, who was just a friend. Then that situation became confused because I hooked up a little with the second guy.

So I was really nervous about the upcoming weekend.

Which guy should Wommen hook up with? Thankfully, the guy I invited brought another girl, and I ended up hooking up with her! When we arrived, she tried to learn to snowboard and fell and broke her wrist. I Women wants hot sex Campus in med school and knew her wrist was broken.

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Instead of going to the ER and ruining the NYE party, we splinted it with cardboard and went on partying. She was a trooper! I really appreciated that, plus she was hot, with brown hair and blue eyes. We all took ecstasy. Pretty epic. I think she Women wants hot sex Campus me first. She and I had a really good connection. I felt like the straight asshole.

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I knew lesbians and gay guys as a youngster because my mom was an art professor. This girl and I had a make-out thing in high school, and I also feel like I Women wants hot sex Campus sort of involved with my best friend at We never did anything, but I wanted to kiss her. I fooled around with a couple girls in college. She was really hot — tall and very butch, short ssx. I was wearing a cute dress.

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My hair was up in, like, a twist. We just started dancing, and it was electric. We had Would you like a free personal trainer couple of fun dates. She was a seducer, for sure. And then there was this very nice older woman. Women wants hot sex Campus fooled Women wants hot sex Campus at my place, but I never went down on her. I held her while she masturbated.

I felt sort of like an asshole. Then I blew her off to go to an art opening with a German guy. I had strong feelings for those women, but Wanfs had a hard time reciprocating sexually.

Women wants hot sex Campus I just like cock better! But I still feel a little queer in my heart. I had a really strong sense from family and the outer world that being out would be punished, that male homosexuality was such a failure.

The message was that bi women could be hot, or just experimenting, but that bi men were weird. When I went to Oberlin I still had the sense that I really had to be straight. Then I completely drunkenly went home with a really queen-y, silk-bathrobe kind of guy. We stayed friends, and I told myself that my feelings about men were Women wants hot sex Campus sexual, not about closeness or affection or romance.

I have it so easy as a middle-aged white guy married to a woman. I lived that lie too long. The safety of Beautiful ladies looking nsa VA audience.

I grew up in the South then went to Washington State in Olympia. Sleater-Kinney went there. It was the riot-grrrl phase.

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Lesbianism was wanys of as being really powerful. A lot of women I knew Women wants hot sex Campus strippers by choice.

The first time I kissed a girl was in the backseat of a taxi. We ended up going home together. There were guys in the car, as well.

People think girls do this to titillate guys, but I actually think it just made us feel safer, acting as if we were doing wwnts for them — and we definitely had an audience — but we were really doing it for ourselves. For Campsu while, that made me wonder if I were gay. I was very curious, sexually, and had like a hundred lovers before I was Women wants hot sex Campus I Married But Looking Real Sex Hobart Tasmania fooled around and made out with around six women in college.

My husband and I have never strayed, but we did have a hot-tub party where I kissed girls. Evening out dancing and going home, regrettably sans-female companionship.

Women wants hot sex Campus buddy was giving me a ride. I cannot remember the conversation up to that point, but I told him to lick me Canpus. So we went into a house under construction and traded oral sex on a large bolt of insulation still wrapped in plastic. Just going at it. He started on me first.

I kept Campsu to imagine it was one of the girls I was interested in at the time.

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Working the fantasy. Instead, too much teeth. Also razor stubble was a fantasy breaker. My turn: Not as gross as I thought it would be; rather, I thought I did a very good job, trying to reproduce what I like. My one and only experience. Just not for me. We remained friends. He approached me a couple of Women wants hot sex Campus more but took the rejection well.

The ultimate sleepover. That made me think I was exclusively gay. So I was really excited to go off to college in London and experiment. At first, I only hooked up with men.